Kevin Warwick

British robotics and cybernetics researcher

Kevin Warwick (born 9 February 1954 Coventry, UK) is a United Kingdom scientist and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. He is probably best known for his studies on direct neural interfaces between computer systems and the human nervous system, although he has done much research in the field of robotics.

Kevin Warwick in 2008

Quotes edit

  • Shouldn’t I join the ranks of philosophers and merely make unsubstantiated claims about the wonders of human consciousness? Shouldn’t I stop trying to do some science and keep my head down? Indeed not.
    • in Hendricks, V: “Feisty Fragments for Philosophy”, King’s College Publications, London,2004.
  • I feel that we are all philosophers, and that those who describe themselves as a ‘philosopher’ simply do not have a day job to go to.
    • in Hendricks, V: “Feisty Fragments for Philosophy”, King’s College Publications, London,2004.
  • When comparing human memory and computer memory it is clear that the human version has two distinct disadvantages. Firstly, as indeed I have experienced myself, due to aging, human memory can exhibit very poor short term recall.
    • in Hendricks, V: “500CC Computer Citations”, King’s College Publications, London,2005.
  • There can be no absolute reality, there can be no absolute truth.
    • in Kevin Warwick "The Matrix - Our Future?", Chapter in "Philosophers Explore the Matrix", edited by C.Grau, Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • I was born human. But this was an accident of fate - a condition merely of time and place. I believe it's something we have the power to change.
  • A person's brain and body do not have to be in the same place.
    • talking about the use of neural implants in Kevin Warwick "Human Enhancement - The Way Ahead", ACM Ubiquity, October 2014.[1]

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