Kevin J. O'Connor (actor)

American actor

Kevin James O'Connor (November 15, 1963–) is an American actor.

We should not be here.

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  • You should not be here.
    • As the Yellow-card Man in 11.22.63, a 2016 miniseries
  • I always have been [a fan of the Universal horror movies]. Nowadays you tell someone to watch one of the movies and they haven't seen them, or haven't since they were a kid. To me, it's like, most of the acting if great, given the crazy situations. Frankenstein's in a block of ice and the Wolf Man is in another country and he's alive and it's Lon Chaney. I mean, it gets crazy, but I still love it because I'm a sucker for it.
  • I truly wanted to be a character actor. People ask me, ‘When are you going to get the lead?’ and I say, ‘I don’t want the lead.’ I always use John Carradine—I don’t know why—but John Carradine to me was more of the classic character actor who would literally show up and do three lines in a big Hollywood movie and then have a bigger part in the sequel to The Invisible Man. That career is so great. That is part of my… I don’t know if it’s a set plan, but I always seem to follow that course.

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