Greek word used in the New Testament for "proclamation"

Kerygma (κήρυγμα) is a word used in the New Testament for "proclamation."


  • In the same way that God is irreducible to the idea of God, and that my love for another person is irreducible to the words and practices that express that love, so too the kerygma cannot be reduced to the cultural forms in which it comes to expression.
    • David Congdon, The Mission of Demythologizing (2015), p. 531
  • If the liberation of women is not proclaimed, the church’s proclamation cannot be about divine liberation. If the church does not share in the liberation struggle of Black women, its liberation struggle is not authentic. If women are oppressed, the church cannot possibly be “a visible manifestation that the gospel is a reality”—for the gospel cannot be real in that context. One can see the contradictions between the church’s language or proclamation of liberation and its action by looking both at the status of Black women in the church as laity and Black women in the ordained ministry of the church.
    • Jacquelyn Grant, "Black Theology and the Black Woman," in Words of Fire: An Anthology of African-American Feminist Thought, p. 325
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