Kentucky Route Zero

magical realist independent episodic adventure game

Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist, episodic, point and click adventure game created and published by indie developers Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy under the name Cardboard Computer.


Chapter IEdit

  • Yeah, it's the truth: you have got to stop and breathe in that road!
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway
  • Strange things happen underground. Especially in the dark.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway
  • It's kinda long, kinda like a short poem, I think. One of those short poems that really sums it all up.
    • Joseph to Conway, about the computer's password in the gas station.
  • Just try to think like a poet.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway, about the computer's password in the gas station.
  • When people ask about my work, I always say "it's pretty OK." That way I don't have to think about it.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway.
  • Well, who has options these days?
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway
  • I guess I took the low road, in the end.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway, about his work.
  • You know, everyone hits trouble at some point or another. Well, not everyone, but most of us do.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Conway, about Márquez family.
  • The road can do that. It's hypnotic: puts you into a kind of a highway fugue.
    • Joseph Wheatree to Shannon Márquez, about Conway being sleepy while driving.

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