Kenji Goto

Japanese journalist and hostage in Syria

Kenji Goto (後藤 健二 Gotō Kenji, c. 22 September 1967 – 30 January 2015) was a Japanese freelance video journalist covering wars and conflicts, refugees, poverty, AIDS, and child education around the world.

Quotes edit

  • 目を閉じて、じっと我慢。怒ったら、怒鳴ったら、終わり。それは祈りに近い。憎むは人の業にあらず、裁きは神の領域。-そう教えてくれたのはアラブの兄弟たちだった。
    • “Closing my eyes and holding still. It’s the end if I get mad or scream. It’s close to a prayer. Hate is not for humans. Judgment lies with God. That’s what I learned from my Arabic brothers and sisters.”-- translated by Associated Press, cited in The Guardian and Telegraph.
    • Literal Translation: "Closing one's eyes and enduring. If one becomes angry, if one yells, that's the end. It's akin to a prayer. Hate is not for humans. Judgement lies with God." So my Arabic brothers told me.

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