Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple


History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi (ja: 史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ) is a martial arts manga by author; Shun Matsuena and a anime tv series that is currently on TV Tokyo. About a junior high student who trains under several masters. Currently serialized in Shonen Sunday [Shogakukan]

Shirahama Household


Kenichi Shirahama (白浜 兼一 ( ケンイチ ) , Shirahama Ken'ichi)

  • And what's the deal with these muscles of yours?
    • Referring to Kenichi training with Sakaki in episode 7
  • I saw it, that punch was quite nice.
  • Forget it, I'm just a normal person anyway.
  • Her memories are really different from mine.
  • I understand you have your pride, but I have my principles!

Genji Shirahama (白浜 元次, Shirahama Genji)

  • Didn't we have a New Year celebration not too long ago?
  • When going on an adventure it's hard to stay calm. As men, even if we know the adventure will be full of pain and sorrow, we still choose to go on it. Real adventures are like the ones depicted in games or comic books, they're neither easy nor quick and they can break a man's heart. Real adventures can torment people. They can make you regret ever going on them. But still, that's the true meaning of an adventure. If that's so, then why do we as men choose to go on them? Why is that? Because we want to be real men. Real men don't give up, even in front of pain or sorrow or regret! Rather, they want to live a full life. That's what real men are! With that being said, go on my son! Go to your adventure!!
  • Come forth, Sebastian!

Honoka Shirahama (白浜 ほのか, Shirahama Honoka)

  • The moustache guy at Ryozanpaku always says; "When fighting, do it one on one".
    • Referring to Kensei Ma

Ryozanpaku Dojo


Hayato Fūrinji (風林寺 隼人, Fūrinji Hayato

  • Don't worry. We often take this boat, Red Hare No. 2, to the island.

Miu Fūrinji (風林寺 美羽, Fūrinji Miu)

  • Having both parents in a family is a dream of mine!
    • Referring to when they [Miu & Kenichi] were talking about his family

Apachai Hopachai (アパチャイ・ホパチャイ, Apachai Hopachai)

  • Here I go! Dodge this! Apa-pa-pa!
  • Apachai can understand the pain in Kenichi's heart
  • It's scary! Even though I don't know what's going on, it's so scary!

Shio Sakaki (逆鬼 至緒, Sakaki Shio)

  • Give it back, Apachai...
    • Referring to Apachai stealing one of Sakaki's food
  • A man's colors are shown during the time of life and death.
  • You will only hurt more if you expect too much.

Kensei Ma (馬 剣星, Ma Kensei)

  • What a big shock.



1st Fist: Odin (Asami Ryuto)

  • Whenever I think about you and remember our vow -- I become very happy

Taichi Kōga (古賀 太一, Kōga Taichi)

  • I'm gonna beat you up, then bring you back to Takeda-san.
  • Hi, kitten girl!
    • Referring to Koga's 2nd encounter with Shirahama Kenichi and Miu.
  • Am I wasting my days looking for the big forehead girl?

Shinosuke Tsuji

  • You guys go find some other gang. There's no point in following me anymore.

Guy with hat (Tsuji's bodyguard)

  • We're your guards.


  • Didn't I tell you before? I won't listen to your orders.
  • In the world of martial arts, effort surpasses talent!

Shinpaku Alliance


Haruo Nijima

  • So you mean you were planning on hiding yourself away?!


  • You did?! Wow, that's great!
    • Referring to thinking that Nijima beat up Hermit.
  • General, aren't they here yet?
    • Referring to Kenichi not appearing in time.
  • Quickly, put down the flag!
    • Referring to one of the guys exposing the Shinpaku Alliance at the Fighters Gamble arena
  • I wonder if this will develop our unification.


  • We finally won!
    • Referring to the kids of the basketball club playing with Apachai. And that they shed tears of joy