Kenan Evren

Turkish general (1917-2015)

Ahmet Kenan Evren (born July 17, 1917May 9, 2015) was the seventh president of the Turkish Republic, an office he held from November 9, 1982 to November 9, 1989. Evren came to power from the 1980 Turkish military coup.

Kenan Evren (1988)


  • All my trust in the politicians had been rubbed away.
    • On 17 September 1980, five days after the coup, Evren comments on the political leaders of the standing political parties.
    • From Turkey: Challenges of Continuity and Change by Meliha Benli Altunisik, (p. 43, Routledge, 2005).
  • All freedoms provided by democracy are for those who believe in it. Can the rights and freedoms of millions of virtuous people who believe in democracy be safeguarded if those who seek to destroy it abuse rights and freedoms to achieve their goals?
  • Many axes are being kept under cover, waiting in ambush, ready to pounce, when we resign. Have no worries. We will deliver this homeland to you perfectly clean, as it was in Atatürk's time.
  • Turkey serves as an anchor of democracy, freedom, and stability in a region in turmoil. Your own Thomas Paine once wrote, 'Those who, expect to reap the blessings of freedom must . . . undergo the fatigue of supporting it.' Let me say that in Turkey, we do not feel fatigued by our support of the Western allies because we know that by supporting the allies, we may all continue to reap the blessings of freedom.
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