Kemi Adeosun

Nigerian accountant, investment banker and politician (born 1967)
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Kemi Adeosun (born 9 March 1957) is the former finance minister of Nigeria who was in office between 11 November 2015 to 14 September 2018. She is also the former chairman of the Board of African Export-mport Bank.


  • Investing in infrastructure is key. If we can create a revenue base outside oil, we will be less exposed to the volatility of crude prices.
    • [1] Kemi Adeosun interview with oxford business group.
  • The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is doing a great job in this regard already. It is all about data and bringing people and companies into the formal sector. Firms that operate under the radar can easily avoid tax. The government is doing basic things to expedite this process, such as scanning all business cards we receive and sending them to FIRS. If a company comes looking for payment from the government to implement a project, we check them before any money is released. At the beginning of the administration’s term, we found that some firms, such as fuel marketers, were receiving subsidies from the government but were not registered for tax. By increasing the flow of information and following up on such cases, we will quickly expand the tax base.
    • [2] Kemi Adeosun interview with oxford business group.
  • "There are two solutions to unemployment, one is a job and the other is entrepreneurship...We need to increase 'made in Nigeria'. Even me. We all need to buy 'made in Nigeria'! Eat 'made in Nigeria'! Drink 'made in Nigeria'!"
    • [3] Speaking on unemployment challenges in Nigeria
  • "If you keep on working and you don't tell people what you are doing, they lose confidence."
    • [4] Kemi explains how the government needs to report to its people and let them know what they are doing.
  • "If we just feed ourselves rather than import foods, we will create jobs! We will create wealth!"
    • [5] Kemi speaking on diversifying Nigeria's economy.
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