1996 film by Paul Michael Glaser

Kazaam is a 1996 film produced by Touchstone Pictures and starring Shaquille O'Neal and Francis Capra.

The world's most powerful genie has just met his match. (taglines)


  • [Repeated line] I am Kazaam!
  • That's not a wish, that's an insult!
  • Don't get all hysterical! Say thank you for your miracle!
  • Let's green egg and ham it!
  • Grab my belly and make a wish.

Max ConnorEdit

  • You smell like hippopotamus butt.


Kazaam: [lifting Malik by the neck] Now, where's Max?
Malik: Uh... du... du... du... uh... he... uh... he went down that shaft.
Kazaam: WHAT?
Malik: Umm... uh... uh... there was nothin I could do, now put me down...
[starts choking]
Malik: ... I'm afraid of heights.
Kazaam: Wish not granted!
[Shapes Malik into a basketball, and then slam-dunks him into the Air duct]

Max Connor: [after he wishes for junk-food to come out of the sky] So... tell me that wasn't a wish.
Kazaam: Like the main man did with the loaves and the fish?
Max Connor: Yeah... hey... stop rhyming, okay?


  • The world's most powerful genie has just met his match.
  • He's A Rappin' Genie With An Attitude... And He's Ready For Slam-Dunk Fun!


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