Katy Rose

American singer

Kathryn Rosemary Bullard (born January 27, 1987), known as Katy Rose, is an American pop-rock singer-songwriter.

Song lyricsEdit

Because I CanEdit

  • I cruise the canyon to get some breeze
    With Hidden Treasures up my sleeve
    I like the light and hate the heat
    But I'll lick the blood right off your street
    • Overdrive
  • Oh I don't need an education
    Just a microphone's intoxication
    And I can't deal with concentration
    Give me tongues and stimulation
    • Vacation
  • So hurting here is where I belong
    dreaming a song
    Blood on my hands to stay strong
    The flowers in the graveyard are all gone
    I don't belong
    There is no right to heal the wrong
    Soup's on hot feelin' like a do or die
    I can't throw up don't think i evan want to try
    • Lemon
  • I'll go where secrets are sold
    Where roses unfold
    I'll sleep as time goes by
    • Lemon

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