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Katrina Trask

Katrina Trask (30 May 1853]] – 8 January 1922) also known as Kate Nichols Trask was an author and philanthropist.


O power of Love, O wondrous mystery! How is my dark illumined by thy light, That maketh morning of my gloomy night, Setting my soul from Sorrow's bondage free With swift-sent revelation! Yea, I see Beyond the limitation of my sight And senses, comprehending now, aright, Today's proportion to eternity. Through thee, my faith in God is made me sure, My searching eyes have pierced the misty veil; The pain and anguish which stern Sorrow brings Through thee become more easy to endure. Love-strong I mount, and heaven's high summit scale; Through thee, my soul has spread her folded wings.

from her poem Love