Kathleen Raine

British poet, critic and scholar (1908–2003)

Kathleen Jessie Raine (14 June 19086 July 2003) was a British poet, critic, and independent scholar.

Kathlen Raine in 1991


  • In rose with petals soft as air
    I bind for you the tides and fire —
    the death that lives within the flower,
    oh, gladly love, for you I bear.
    • Poem Envoi
  • Intent on one great love, perfect,
    Requited and for ever,
    I missed love's everywhere
    Small presence, thousand-guised.
    • Poem Confessions
  • Strangers have crossed the sound, but not the sound of the dark oarsmen
    Or the golden-haired sons of kings,
    Strangers whose thought is not formed to the cadence of waves,
    Rhythm of the sickle, oar and milking pail
    • Poem The Ancient Speech
  • He has married me with a ring, a ring of bright water
    Whose ripples spread from the heart of the sea,
    He has married me with a ring of light, the glitter
    Broadcast on the swift river.
    • Poem The Marriage of Psyche

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