Kate and Laura Mulleavy

American fashion designers

Katherine "Kate" Mulleavy (born 11 February 1979) and Laura Mulleavy (born 31 August 1980) are American siblings who are fashion designers and filmmakers, best known for their fashion label, Rodarte, which they founded in California in 2005.




  • We have an independent life, but we're so intertwined as a creative entity that.... I can't imagine creating without her... It would be like trying to play piano and not having a piano. We have a special hidden language with each other.
    • On her working relationship with her sister, TimesTalks (17 September 2017)


  • In fashion, I don't even think you know what you've made until the lineup backstage.
  • Fashion should be wherever it can be.
    • On West Coast versus East Coast fashion, TimesTalks (17 September 2017)

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