Kate Henshaw

Nigerian actress

Kate Henshaw, also known as Kate Henshaw-Nuttall (born 19 July 1971), is a professional Nigerian actress.

Kate Henshaw in 2019


  • "Look back, not in regret but to see how far you have come. That situation you thought would break you, taught you so much about yourself. Had it not also been for the Lord, who was on your side, you would have been swallowed up."
    • [1] "Kate Henshaw shares motivation quotes"
  • "Understanding one’s path is key and once that is figured out, all you need is to trust your instincts."

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  • “I’m laughing now and I’m glad I can laugh. It’s good to be able to look back and laugh at your problems."
    • [3] sharing on how she was once a victim of violence in a relationship.
  • "You are connected to a source of immeasurable abundance…You are premium…Don’t go on sale…Don’t bring down your value….Don’t shrink let’s they say you do too much…You are one of a kind! YES….YOU!!"
    • [4] #TuesdayThoughts by Kate Henshaw.
  • "I pray you find someone worthy to spend the rest of your life with."
    • [5] Kate Henshaw's reply to a man who wrote to be her sugar boy.
  • "Nigerians must not condone the wrong"
    • [6] Airing her opinion on EndSARS protest.
  • "Nigerians deserve better, the people shouldn’t be treated aa strangers in their own country."
    • [7] Talking about the ills of the government.
  • "Suit up, protect your space, sanity, and spirit."
    • [8] Quote by Kate Henshaw on QuotesNG.
  • "Choose to live by choice not by chance."
    • [9] Friday Focus on Vanguard allure.
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