Katamari Damacy

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Katamari Damacy is a video game series. In the original, the King of All Cosmos had the vast majority of the dialogue. However, in the sequel, We ♥ Katamari, many fans of the King of All Cosmos get to say additional things.


King of All CosmosEdit

  • "B-U-T, first things first, does the Prince like vibration? Meaning the moving and the shaking."
  • "Here we are. Earth. Full of things as usual."
  • "Woo, tangent."
  • "Maybe We'll invent a Cosmic Esperanto."
  • "So, we were thinking about working out."
  • "No... It was indeed not a dream. We really did it. The King of All Cosmos has really done it. A sky full of stars... We broke it. Yes, We were naughty. Completely naughty. So, so very sorry. But just between you and Us, It felt quite good. Not that We can remember very clearly, but We were in all Nature's embrace. We felt the beauty of all things, and felt love for all. That's how it was. Did you see? We smiled a genuine smile. Did you see? The stars splintering in perfect beauty. So many there used to be, almost a nuisance. Now there's nothing but darkness. Hee... 'Tis but a dream... Hee... But a beautiful one."
  • "It is not your fault. It is our fault for believing in you."
  • "Sending Things to Earth - trees... elephants... hopes... dreams..."
  • (Refering to the constellation Virgo) "What is it...? It's lacking a certain something... Oh, yes! We get it! Prettiness! This sky is not pretty at all. It's rough and masculine. Possibly sweaty. What We really want is pure, girlish prettiness. There should be loads of maidens like those on Earth."

Mutsuo HoshinoEdit

  • "The prince broke up the moon he just made. Rich people sure are different."

Michiru HoshinoEdit

  • (Upon creation of a constellation) "Oh, I feel it. I feel the cosmos."

Object descriptionsEdit

These descriptions of items that are picked up by the katamari are apparently the King of All Cosmos' explanations of them to the Prince.

  • American Guy — "He loves the U.S., but he likes Japan just as much."
  • Bale of Rice — "The contents can't be seen, but from the name, it must be rice."
  • Barber's Pole — "These stripes are going upwards forever. Kind of trippy."
  • Bookstand — "This stand holds books. That is all."
  • Burglar — "He wants to be stealthy, but he looks so obvious. What a fool!"
  • Cargo Container [Red] — "All sorts of things can be put inside, not just red things."
  • Check Book — "A book filled with numbers. People smile or cry reading this book. It must be a very good novel."
  • Chubby Housewife — "The bigger she gets, the more powerful she becomes!"
  • Cobra — "It's rumored that there are even larger ones hidden in trousers."
  • Coconut Crab — "A crab with strong claws. It doesn't look anything like a coconut at all..."
  • Crane — "You shouldn't drive this thing if you are angry or upset."
  • Display Stand — "You can put anything you like here, except naughty things."
  • "Don't Rush Out" sign — "He says not to jump out onto the road, but he is doing exactly that!"
  • Dung Beetle — "Rolls cow dung and makes it bigger. We feel a little rivalry here."
  • Faucet — "Hot and cold water comes out of the same place. We are amazed."
  • Fire Hazard Sign — "This warns people about fire. This can be burnt by fire as well."
  • Fishing Lure — "You can fool fish with this. Fish must be really stupid!"
  • Great Great Great Grandpa — "He's so active for his age, there is a rumor that he's a cyborg."
  • Handcuffs — "If you do something really bad these may be used on you! Or if you are good..."
  • Inkstone — "A stone with a dent. There is black liquid in the dent. Kind of underwhelming."
  • Loud Momma — "Her voice is loud and when she laughs, babies start screaming."
  • Merman — "Everybody loves a mermaid. Not so with a merman."
  • Minivan — "Small yet large. Very ambiguous."
  • Motoki Residence — "There is a boy inside studying very hard. His family is concerned about him."
  • Peach — "A butt-shaped fruit that is more tasty than butts."
  • Salmon — "Swims all the way back to the river from the ocean. Then people eat it."
  • Thermometer — "Used to measure your temperature. Put this in your mouth, armpit, or..."
  • Three Watering pots — "Watering pot, watering pot, watering pot. What is it with you and watering pots?"
  • "You Are Here" sign — "This sign says you are here."

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