Katalin Novák

President of Hungary (2022–2024)

Katalin Éva Veresné Novák (born 6 September 1977) is a Hungarian politician serving as the current president of Hungary, having been elected in the 2022 presidential election. Novák is the first woman to hold the presidency, as well as the youngest president in the history of Hungary, elected at the age of 44. A member of Fidesz, Novák has additionally served as member of the National Assembly from 2018 to 2022, and as Minister for Family Affairs in the fourth Orbán Government from 2020 until 2021.

Katalin Novák in 2017 (cropped)

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  • “We know the feeling of vulnerability.  We know what it’s like to live divided and what suffering wars cause."  
  • "We know how precious freedom is and how painful it is to be deprived of it."
  • “the rejection of any kind of oppression has become an instinct in us,”
  • “We are for the victims and against further escalation,”
  • “We help beyond our size and strength,”
  • “Hungarian fathers and sons living in Ukraine are also giving their lives in the trenches,”
  • “I have seen the suffering that families go through.  I have seen what they experience when peace is broken.  I have met Ukrainian and Hungarian people who have lost family members.  I have met Ukrainian children for whom a kindergarten was set up with the help and support of Hungary; children from whom the war is depriving a happy childhood,”
  • "when at least one side sees the time for negotiations as having come,”
  • “If there is no child, there will be no future,”
  • “What is the point of looking after the Earth if we don’t have children and grandchildren to pass it on to?”
  • "She state can help reduce the financial barriers to starting a family and ensure that those who have children are not disadvantaged compared to those who did not want to start a family."
  • "At the Eucharistic Congress in 2021, and during his three-day apostolic visit this April, Pope Francis’ presence had such an appeal that it reached the hearts of even those who are not practicing believers."
  • Hungary is bigger in size, but our population is almost similar. We need to focus on how we cooperate based on a mutual respect because that is what we can offer as Hungarians, the respect for you, for your way of life, for your people and for your nation; and that is what we expect also from our allies. It is this mutual respect background which our corporation already lies on and which it is going to fly on in the future as well,
  • Your Invitation to women deliver proof for our common commitment to empowering women. I thank you for what I have done in this respect.
  • We spoke about the wars happening in our neighboring countries and of course for us Hungarians, the war in our direct neighborhood in Ukraine, it is very alarming. This meeting just offered us a chance to speak about the importance of peace. We can also learn from you how to appreciate a peace situation and the lack of it in a war conflict. So that is why we stand for peace in Ukraine, and we try to do our best to reach peace negotiations and peace in general,”
  • “I wanted to see for myself how much Rwanda has developed in the recent decades and I can see it myself. I had the privilege and the chance to meet Rwanda people, to meet Rwanda communities and to experience personally, how far you got from where you started,”
  • “Knowing your tragic history, it is even more to appreciate how much progress you made lately and it’s also thanks to your leadership and your commitment,”
  • “Hungary is like a doorway to the European Union and for us Rwanda is also a doorway to the African continent. So, that makes our situation also quite unique. We are bigger in size but our population is almost similar,”
  • The Office for the Protection of Sovereignty will properly fulfill its mission as defined in the Constitution if its activities do not affect the freedom of the press or freedom of expression. The President of the Republic has ordered the promulgation of the law,”
  • If we have no kids, we have no future, and having children is saving the world
  • We speak always or very much about climate change, about the challenges we face and how we should protect our planet. But my main question is, “Why should we save our planet if not for the future generations?”
  • “We are about to give up on our future,”
  • I don’t really want to comment on the prime minister’s statements. I don’t think it is a place and a time to do so,”
  • We do understand what this war is about. Maybe for those who live far away from this war (they) don’t really understand the situation the same way we do,”
  • What I think would be the most important is to reach peace,” I think in this process the role of the United States is unavoidable. ... The approach of the president of the United States is also very important, so if the president of the United States is in favor of peace in Ukraine, then we have more chance to achieve peace than if he isn’t.”
  • Don’t be afraid of getting engaged. Don’t be afraid of having a family. Don’t be afraid of having kids and saying yes to life,”
  • Jesus Christ is there with me. And then from that moment on in my position as a president, I have always had this security, this feeling of security that I’m never alone. I’m never alone when it’s about making a very difficult decision. I’m not alone when it’s about protecting our fellow Hungarians who are living in Ukraine, a country hit by war,
  • You shouldn’t be scared of anything either because you’re not alone.”
  • I’m happy for that. I think it is important.” The church announced construction of the temple in 2019 but does not have a groundbreaking date.
  • I think it is an important sign that we are not ready to give up on our Christianity. For us, Christianity is our predestination, I would say,”

Quotes by Katalin Novák edit

  • "This is a bi-annual event held in Budapest for the fifth time, and that while its main focus is ‘what is happening to Hungarians in Hungary, in the Carpathian Basin, and in the diaspora."
  • "There is not a single country in Europe with a high enough birth rate to maintain its population, let alone increase it."
  • "Earnest, open talks’, ‘in a lot more informal terms."

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