Karl Denninger

American businessman

Karl Denninger is an American technology businessman, finance blogger, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement.


  • America has no obligation to let you bring products into this nation without tariff or impost while you exploit the existence of authoritarian governments and environmental arbitrage. A 100% tariff on all of Apple's foreign-produced or assembled products should make the decision easy ...
  • There are many who claim that Apple is not a "one-man" company. Baloney. Apple was always a one-man company. Most firms that pull off the sort of "flash and jizz" game that Apple has are -- it's just reality. But now that's gone and (literally) eaten by worms.
  • [Ford] has publicly declared that fellating employee egos takes precedence over enterprise data security. A company that takes this position deserves what befalls them as a consequence.
  • What makes anyone think [Apple Watch is] going to "disrupt" anything, other than the careers of the people who planned and executed that abortion?
  • There are two problems with Apple Pay — and both are problematic. The first is that not everyone has an [i]OS device, or one that supports it. And not everyone ever will, despite the wet dreams of the entire Dallas Cowboys team blowing Tim Cook nightly that dance in his head.
  • The premise of $600+ mobile device sales as a mainstream purchase by ordinary Americans, never mind overpriced $300 plastic-cased watches, appears to be a fantasy dream. The iFemineProduct has quite-clearly peaked and started its decline ...
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