Kansas City Confidential

1952 film directed by Phil Karlson

Kansas City Confidential is a 1952 American film noir about an ex-con trying to go straight who is framed for a million dollar armored car robbery and must go to Mexico in order to unmask the real culprits.

Coleen Gray as Helen Foster
Preston Foster as Tim Foster
Jack Elam as Pete Harris
Lee Van Cleef as Tony Ramano
Directed by Phil Karlson. Written by George Bruce and Harry Essex.
Exploding! Like a gun in your face!taglines

Joe Rolfe

  • I know a sure cure for a nosebleed: a cold knife in the middle of the back.

Tim Foster

  • That was a sucker move, burning down your boss. You had him all wrong. He never crossed you.
  • What makes a two-bit heel like you think a heater would give him an edge over me?
  • What's waiting for you, Harris? The chair, the gas chamber, or just a rope?

Tony Romano

  • It don't take no big thinking to figure a couple of guys like us ain't in this bananaville on a vacation!


Pete Harris: Okay wise guy, you found me. Now what?
Joe Rolfe: What's eatin' you?
Pete Harris: You been giving me the fisheye all night.

Joe Rolfe: Look, you're a nice girl, but in case you're thinking of mothering me, forget it! I'm no stray dog you can pick up, and I like my neck without a collar. Now get lost!
Helen Foster: Now I'm supposed to be hurt. Maybe even cry. But I won't. I think you're in trouble, and I'm going to help you.

Tim Foster: If I can spot you back of those trick cheaters, so can the cops!
Boyd Kane: [Removes dark glasses] The job you're talkin' about - I said I'd listen.
Tim Foster: You're a cop-killer! You killed one on that last deal!
Boyd Kane: I don't like heroes!
Tim Foster: You can tell that to the warden when they burn ya!

Scott Andrews: [about Rolfe] ...left school to enlist with the engineers. Pretty good soldier too! Bronze Star, Purple Heart!
Joe Rolfe: Try and buy a cup of coffee with them!

Tim Foster: What's everybody so gloomy about?
Tomaso: The weather, Senor, she's so uncertain!
Tim Foster: Up in the States they're having blizzards!
Tomaso: Ah, if something like that would only happen here, but nothing but sunshine and people catching fish. If just once a fish would catch a man!
Tim Foster: That's possible, Tomaso. It all depends on the bait.

Joe Rolfe: I thought I'd take a walk through the village before I turn in.
Tony Romano: Don't walk too fast - you'll be out of town without really seein' it!

Teresa: [Showing off the earrings she wants him to buy as 'souvenirs'] Tony, you're not even looking at how pretty they are and only 11 American dollars!
Tony Romano: [Looking at her knowingly] Everything around here's 11 bucks!
Teresa: Tony, you like?
Tony Romano: Charge it with the rest.
Teresa: [Happily] Gracias, Tony!
Tony Romano: [Knowingly] See ya later!

Tim Foster: How far didya get on that Southwest bank job?
Scott Andrews: Exactly nowhere.
Tim Foster: You must be hearin' plenty from the front office on that one!
Scott Andrews: You don't know the half of it! Every bank in the country is on the alert to spot the serial numbers on those bucks, and up to now, not one of them has turned up!
Tim Foster: How'd you like to crack that job?
Scott Andrews: How would I like to find oil in my backyard?

Joe Rolfe: Listen, Eddie. I gotta know who set me into this little deal.
Eddie: You're leading with your chin, Joe.


  • Exploding! Like a gun in your face!
  • Every city wears a mask! This is the picture that goes behind that mask to bare the bullet-scarred face of a brutal underworld!


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