1999 Japanese adult visual novel

Kanon (カノン) is a Japanese visual novel which was developed by Key and released on June 4, 1999. It was later adapted into a manga series which ran between 2000 and 2001 in Japan. An anime series by Toei Animation ran between January 30, 2002 and March 27, 2002, containing 13 episodes, with an additional OVA released on May 3, 2003. The anime was later remade by Kyoto Animation which aired between October 5, 2006 and March 15, 2007, containing 24 episodes. The series follows Yuichi Aizawa as he returns to a city he used to visit as a kid after being gone for seven years. He at first doesn't remember much of anything, but soon he starts meeting several girls who knew him back then and slowly his memories are restored. The game and Toei series have not been officially translated into English, so the quotations will vary slightly depending on the translation source. The English versions of the Kyoto series will be released on DVD starting on January 1, 2008, although the first episode was released on the web on the Anime News Network site.

Visual novel


Opening quotes


[In the opening video from the visual novel, one quote was viewable after the introduction of each heroine. The quotes are listed in order of appearance.]

Nayuki Minase: "Do you still remember my name?" (わたしの名前、まだ覚えてる? Watashi no namae, mada oboeteru?)
Shiori Misaka: "It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen." (起きないから、奇跡って言うんですよ Okinai kara, kisekitte iun desu yo.)
Makoto Sawatari: "When spring comes...it would be nice if it would last forever." (春がきて・・・ずっと春だったらいいのに Haru ga kite...zutto haru dattara ii no ni.)
Mai Kawasumi: "...I'm a demon hunter." (・・・私は魔物を討つ者だから ...Watashi wa mamono o utsumono dakara.)
Ayu Tsukimiya: "...It's a promise." (・・・約束、だよ ...Yakusoku, dayo.)

2002 Anime


Ayu Tsukimiya introductions


At the beginning of nearly every episode in the 2002 anime, Ayu Tsukimiya recites a small poetic monologue which relates to her storyline.

This translation is by Elite-Fansubs.

Episode 1
A dream... I'm dreaming a dream... A dream I dream every day... An endless dream...
Nayuki: I remember... I remember... I remember! It's okay, I remember!
When was it, that my dream became endless? Far, far in the past? Or was it a few moments ago? Even the answer to that has faded into the dream... and I can only wait, in the river of time... that I'm not sure is even moving...
Episode 2
A dream... I'm inside a dream... Just the same view over and over again... I wish for only one thing in that dozy state. I wish I will see a different sky when I awake.
Episode 3
A dream... The day the dream started. The light was shining brightly through the trees. The feeling of the snow was cold. The smell of the leaves was gentle. And, a little child was crying... I still can't remember that crying face.
Episode 4
A dream... The day my dreams became endless... I could only... Like always, wait at my usual spot... forever and ever, just waiting... That was all I had... So... I'm still waiting...
Episode 5
A dream... A dream of that day... That season where we ran together. The sparkling afternoon sunlight, that I prayed would last forever. The same dreams, over and over again. Like a broken record, over and over...
Episode 6
A dream... There is an end to dreams... Happy dreams, angry dreams. The dream ends when your mother wakes you while you're in your warm bed. The morning scenery that never changes. But... right now...
Episode 7
A harsh dream... A dream you keep wishing you would wake from. But, how do I know that it's a dream? That's a dream? Really?
Episode 8
A sad dream... A dream that makes you want to cry... but you never realize that it was a dream until you're awake. If you don't wake up, that is reality. The dream is reality...
Episode 9
I was dreaming... A dream of two sisters that got along well. They wore the same uniform, and went to the same school, and went back to the same home. It was a sad dream, where that little happiness continued forever and ever.
Episode 11
(Although this isn't just Ayu speaking, it took the place of her normal opening dialog)
Young Yuichi: That doll will grant any wish you make.
Young Ayu: Any wish?
Young Yuichi: But only three of them.
Young Ayu: Will it really grant any wish I make?
Young Yuichi: Of course! But I'm the one granting them. So don't make any wishes that I can't grant.
Young Ayu: Okay. My first wish is...
Episode 11 (end of episode)
I'm dreaming a dream from long ago. The same days over and over again. Within this endless dream, I wished for a morning that wouldn't come. It's red... and white... and cold... and warm... and sad... and happy... and... and the same days are repeated. I knew from a long time ago, from years ago. Wandering in this dream... wishing for a dawn that wouldn't come... I'm always in the same spot. A ruckus with no voices, and a faceless person walks before me. No one cares about just one little child. I'm waiting for a person. A person I know who won't come. Someone I know I won't meet again. For years and years... within this repeating dream, I was always waiting... for a dawn that won't come.
Episode 12
The dream... the day the dream ends... Like the way the snow melts away in the warm spring sunshine, Like the way memories fade away in an eternal passage of time, The long dream comes to an end. My last wish is...
Episode 13 (near end of episode)
[Last Regrets, the Kanon game opening theme, plays during Ayu's monologue]
I liked the flowing scenery. The city where the snow falls. I liked running through the marketplace while leaving new footprints. Spring... the city where the snow melts. I liked scooping up little clumps of snow that remained on the trees. Summer... the city that forgot the cold of snow. I liked looking at the city scenery that showed under a tilted umbrella. Fall... the city waiting for the season of snow. I liked catching the little flakes of snow that fell from the sky in the palm of my hand. And the season turns to winter. The season when the city gets covered all in white. I liked the flowing seasons. But like winter puddles that froze into ice, my time was frozen. I was always all alone within the season-less time. Repeating again and again. Staring at the same scenery again and again in my dream. Leaving my body to the ceaseless night. But now... slowly... the night is ending.

2006 Anime


Ayu Tsukimiya introductions


At the beginning of several episodes in the 2006 anime remake, Ayu Tsukimiya recites a small poetic monologue which relates to her storyline.

Episode 1
A dream...I'm seeing a dream...The dream I see every day...The endless dream...The red snow...The world stained in red. The small, crying child was blocking the red sky. I wanted to wipe away his tears, at least. But the hands wouldn't move, and the tears trailing down his cheeks soaked into the snow, and...al I could do was watch. It was so painful...and so sad...It's all right. So, don't cry. "It's a promise." I wonder whose words those were. The dream starts to fade away to a different color. Yep...it's a promise.
Episode 1 (Dub)
It's a dream. I'm dreaming. It's the same one I have every day... and it never ends. Red snow... a world stained in red. A small child is crying, almost eclipsing the sunset. I wanted... I wanted at least to wipe away his tears, but my hands wouldn't leave my sides... and the tears streaming down his cheeks disappeared into the snow. All I could do was watch. It was so frusterating... and sad. It'll be alright. Don't cry. I promise. I can't help but wonder whose words those were. They seemed too far away to be mine. The dream fades to a distant color. It fades... to a promise.
Episode 2
A dream...I'm inside the dream...Like always...The same scenery again and again...Slowly rocked by the slumber, I make a wish. That the next time I open my eyes...I'll see a different view.
Episode 2 (Dub)
A dream...I'm in a dream...It's the same one as always...The same scene repeating itself over and over again. As I slowly drift off to sleep...I wish for only one thing. That I'll close my eyes, and the next time I open them, that the scene will finally change.
Episode 3
A dream...I wonder when it was that I realized that this is a dream? A long, long time ago? Or only a few minutes ago? Even the answer fades away into the dream...In this world that I'm not sure if time is flowing or not...as I dream about waking up...
Episode 3 (Dub)
When did I realize that it was only a dream anyway? Was it long ago, or just a few moments? All sense of time is hazy and clouded. I'm not sure if time is really passing. My dream is of the day...when I'll finally awaken.
Episode 4
A dream...A dream has an end...no matter how pleasant the dream is...or how scary it is. The dream ends when Mother shakes you awake from outside the warm blankets. A scene in the morning that never changes...But now...I wonder when dreams started to never end.
Episode 4 (Dub)
Every dream has an end...No matter how nice the dream might be, or how scary it is. Under your warm blanket, the dream comes to an abrupt end, when mother shakes you awake. Forever and ever, the morning scene remains the same. But now I...I wonder...when the dreams began to never end.
Episode 5
A dream...I'm seeing a dream...A dream of waiting for someone...Sitting on a small bench all alone...Listening to the crowd far away...Waiting for the person who wouldn't show up for hours...for days...and then for years...
Episode 5 (Dub)
I remain in a dream...I'm listening to the distant crowd...I'm sitting on a bench...All alone...Waiting for someone...Someone who will probably never come...Yet I wait...For hours...For days...For years...Forever...
Episode 6
A dream...The day the dream started...The light through the branches was bright. The snow felt cold...And a small boy was crying. But I can still remember his face.
Episode 11
A dream...When the dream doesn't end anymore...like always...at the same place...I'm only able to wait...That's all I can do...So...I'm still waiting...
Episode 12
A dream...I'm inside a dream. I can hear things...from far away and from close by...They echo like waves by the shore. Adults walk busily...without noticing the small form sitting on the bench.

The Silver Overture [2006.1]

[Yuichi and Nayuki meet for the first time in seven years.]
Nayuki: Say, do you still remember my name?
Yuichi: What about you?
Nayuki: Yuichi.
Yuichi: Hanako. [Common Japanese name for women]
Nayuki: That's wrong!
Yuichi: Jiro. [Common Japanese name for men]
Nayuki: I'm a girl...

[Yuichi and Ayu meet for the first time in seven years.]
Ayu: Hey you! Outta the way, outta the way! Ugū, outta the way! [Ayu runs into Yuichi.] Ugū. That hurt!
Yuichi: Sorry, my fault. You were going so fast, I couldn't dodge.
Ayu: Ugū. I can't run that fast.
Yuichi: Hey, there's no need to be so humble.
Ayu: Ugū. Anyway, we'll talk later.

The Introit in Snow [2006.2]

[Kaori is commenting on Yuichi's introduction to their class for the first time.]
Kaori: Wasn't expecting such an ordinary introduction.
Yuichi: If there's such a thing as an unordinary introduction, I'd love to see it.

[Nayuki states the obvious to Yuichi.]
Nayuki: Yuichi! School's over.
Yuichi: Didn't need you to tell me that...

Yuichi: [After leaving Nayuki, he wanders around the school.] I am officially lost. [Looks down each hallway and sees that they are all the same.] [Yelling] WHO MADE THIS PLACE SO FREAKING BIG?!

[Kaori runs into Yuichi in the hallway at school.]
Kaori: Aizawa-kun. What are you doing?
Yuichi: I turned to find Kaori Misaka standing behind me.
Kaori: Why are you describing the situation?

[Later on, Kaori and Yuichi are walking together down a hallway at school.]
Kaori: You were acting pretty suspiciously, so I was wondering if you were a spy from some secret agency who had snuck in.
Yuichi: I'm a normal transfer student.

[After meeting Shiroi, Yuichi and Ayu are walking with her down a path.]
Ayu: Looks like you sure did a lot of shopping.
Shiori: Well, I don't really get out of the house very often, so when I do I try to stock up.
Yuichi: I don't have any issues with that, as long as you pay for everything you're getting.
Ayu: Yuichi, I don't appreciate you making me sound like hardened criminal.
Yuichi: Just telling the truth here.
Ayu: I am a good person!
Yuichi: Well, that's weird, because good people don't steal things.
Ayu: Uguu. [Giggles] This reminds me when we were kids. You used to always have fun giving me a hard time about this kind of stuff. It must have been destiny that brought us back together like this.
Yuichi: Or maybe you just keep on turning up like a bad cough.
Ayu: [To Shiori] So hey, what grade are you in at school?
Shiori: Me? Uh, I'm a sophomore.
Ayu: Oh? You're a year younger than me, huh?
Yuichi: Huh?! You can't possibly be in the same grade as I am, because I thought that you...I thought for certain that you-
Ayu: Because you thought what?
Yuichi: You know, I'd rather not say.
Shiori: Well uh, my house is right over there, so I'm gonna...
Ayu: Right! Guess we'll see you later.
Shiori: [Bows] Goodbye.
Yuichi: Hey! Hold on a sec! [Shiori stops and turns her head around.] Could you please tell us how to get back to town?

[Yuichi is on his way to the supermarket.]
Yuichi: Now to get those oden ingredients....
[Ayu is running towards Yuichi.]
Ayu: Get out of the way! Move it! [Yuichi acknowledges Ayu.] Please move or I'll hit you!
Yuichi: Okay! Move toward the hand you hold chopsticks!
[Yuichi and Ayu both move in the same direction, causing Ayu to run into Yuichi and fall on the ground.]
Ayu: [Rubbing her nose] Uguu...
Yuichi: Why didn't you dodge the other way?
Ayu: Uguu...I'm left-handed...
Yuichi: Alright, now that's just ridiculous.
Ayu: [Grabs Yuichi's hand and takes him along.] Come on! We gotta run!
Yuichi: Oh my god, you didn't do it again?!
Ayu: Shut up and keep running!

The Memoryless Partita [2006.3]

[Yuichi meets Shiori for the second time, this time at school.]
Shiori: I snuck out today to see someone. If they found out I came to school while I'm on leave, I'd be in trouble.
Yuichi: Are you supposed to meet that person here?
Shiori: No. Actually, I don't know that person very well myself. I don't know the name, or year or class.
Yuichi: You've at least met the person before, right?
Shiori: I have.
Yuichi: What's that person like? Is it a boy? A girl?
Shiori: That's a secret.

[Yuichi and Ayu meet up again in town.]
Ayu: Ugū...
Yuichi: Ugū...
Ayu: Ugū, you mimicked me again!
Yuichi: Ugū...
Ayu: [about to cry] You meanie!
Yuichi: No, I got it. I lose.
Ayu: Eh?
Yuichi: I couldn't master its usage. "Ugū" belongs solely to you.

[At the end of the day, Yuichi and Ayu have tried to search for something she has lost, but failed.]
Yuichi: If you have a cell phone or something, can you give me your number?
Ayu: What's a cell phone?
Yuichi: Are you seriously asking me that?
Ayu: Yeah.
Yuichi: A cellular telephone.
Ayu: Is a cellular telephone something like a telephone?
Yuichi: Yeah, something like that.
Ayu: I see. I learned something today.

The Vacation Caprice [2006.4]

[Ayu and Makoto talk together alone for the first time.]
Ayu: [After a brief silence.] I know!
Makoto: What?
Ayu: Do you want one? A taiyaki.
Makoto: I can?
Ayu: It's a little cold, but if you want...
Makoto: [Makoto takes the taiyaki from Ayu and takes a bite] It's sweet.
Ayu: You don't like sweet things?
Makoto: But it's good! [The two girls smile and laugh and Makoto takes a couple more bites; Yuichi comes back]
Yuichi: You'll get fat, you know.

The Apparitions' Serenade [2006.5]

[Yuichi has met Mai late at night at school and something mysterious just happened; Mai turns to leave.]
Yuichi: Hey, wait! [Mai stops] What was that? [Mai takes another step] I said wait!
Mai: [After a small pause] I'm a demon hunter.

[Yuichi walks into the bathroom naked and finds Makoto already in the bath.]
Yuichi: [After a short pause of them staring at each other] He-Hey! [Small pause] Sorry, I was thinking about stuff, so I didn't know you were in. Uh, well, it must be some sort of fate that we met like this, so mind if I jo- [Yuichi takes a step forward and Makoto screams]

[Yuichi asks Makoto to say a tounge twister. "Demon hunter" is "Mamono wo utsumono" in Japanese]
Yuichi: Makoto, can you say "Demon hunter" ten times fast?
Makoto: Eh, why?
Yuichi: Just say it.
Makoto: Demon hunter! Demon hunter! Demon hunt- [Suddenly stops] Aū, I bit my tongue.
Yuichi: I knew you would.

[Yuichi is trying to talk to Mai in the hallway and Sayuri runs up to them.]
Sayuri: Mai! I'm sorry! [Notices Yuichi] Eh? Hello, were you talking with Mai?
Yuichi: I was just accepting her confession of love.
Sayuri: [Shocked] Confession of love...
Yuichi: [Short pause] Hey, since you're not denying it, she's believing it.
Mai: I wasn't.
Yuichi: It's too late.

[Yuichi is walking home from school and meets Makoto on the way.]
Yuichi: Makoto. What happened to the cold you caught?
Makoto: I'm better now, so I'm running errands. I'm off buying tofu!
Yuichi: Can you buy some yourself?
Makoto: Yes I can. I'm not a child!
Yuichi: You're a child no matter how one looks at you.
Makoto: I'm an adult!
Yuichi: Yeah?
Makoto: Yeah.
Yuichi: Then go buy me a porno magazine while you're at it.
Makoto: What kind of magazine is a porno magazine?
Yuichi: You don't know? It's a magazine aimed at adults, and it's really exciting to read. It really turns you on.
Makoto: Really?
Yuichi: Go up to the store manager and ask, "Can I have a pornographic magazine?" If there's more than one, get anything the store manager recommends.
Makoto: Okay. I can read it, too, right?
Yuichi: Only if you're an adult.
Makoto: Yes, I am an adult. [Cheerfully walks away]
Yuichi: All right, time to go home.

The Divertimento Covered in Riddles [2006.6]

[Yuichi and Ayu are eating taiyaki on a bench when they are young]
Ayu: Yuichi-kun...You know...
Yuichi: What? A confession of love all of a sud-
Ayu: I wouldn't do that!

[Yuichi meets Shiori again one day after school]
Yuichi: What are you doing here?
Shiori: Why are you here?
Yuichi: I only came to take a peek and see if someone I know is at practice or not.
Shiori: There are no teams practicing here.
Yuichi: I was planning to set a trap, so I could catch those who walk around when they're sick.
Shiori: [Shocked] I don't like people who do such things.

[Yuichi and Ayu are parting ways for the day]
Yuichi: See ya. [Waves and starts walking away]
Ayu: Yep. Bye bye. [Waves]
Yuichi: [Notices he's being followed and turns around to find Ayu standing there] See ya. [Waves and starts walking away]
Ayu: Yep. Bye bye. [Waves]
Yuichi: [Ayu still follows him; Yuichi stops and turns around] Why are you following me?
Ayu: [Short pause; looks down at ground and blushes slightly] Because the dark street's scary.

The Runaway and the Kitten's Fugue [2006.7]

[Yuichi and Nayuki are walking together to school; Nayuki suddenly notices something and stops. Yuichi looks back and then forward, noticing a small cat on a wall]
Nayuki: So cute... [Drops her bookbag]
Yuichi: That's an ugly cat.
Nayuki: That's not true! What's wrong with you?!
Yuichi: Wh-Why are you so intimidating?

[Yuichi is trying to talk to Mai during lunch while Sayuri listens]
Yuichi: So Mai, how did it go after that? Did it come out? [Short pause] "Yes" or "no"?
Mai: No.
Yuichi: I see so there are days it doesn't come out.
Sayuri: What are you talking about?
Yuichi: We're talking about Mai's constipation.
Sayuri: [Shocked] Mai, do you want medicine for it?
Yuichi: [Short pause] Hey, you're not denying it, so Sayuri-san's believing me again!
Mai: I'm not.
Yuichi: Too late again!
Sayuri: [Laughs] So it was a joke.

[Yuichi is walking home from school when Ayu tackles him to the ground from behind.]
Ayu: Yuichi-kun! [They both fall down into a pile of snow] Um...[laughs] You surprised me, falling over all of a sudden. Um...I'm sorry.
Yuichi: I got it, so get off of me.

[Yuichi and Makoto are talking on a bridge, where underneath is a busy street. Makoto is holding the cat she found earlier over the edge]
Yuichi: What are you going to do about that cat? It'd be nice if we take it home, but Nayuki would be...
Makoto: Why bother. I had my pork bun, so I don't need it anymore.
Yuichi: How could you say that? You don't think it's cute when it's taken such a liking to you?
Makoto: All animals get thrown away when they are no longer wanted. You don't think so?
Yuichi: Well, there are people who think that way, too, but...
Makoto: We should send it back to the wild before it gets domesticated and learns what peace is.
Yuichi: Return to the wild? [Makoto, completely unfazed, drops the cat into oncoming traffic, but it survives by landing on a truck]
Makoto: There it goes.
Yuichi: [Yelling] What are you doing?
Makoto: Wh-Why are you angry?
Yuichi: How could you be calm after doing that? It could end up who knows where and die!
Makoto: It'll manage somehow! The truck driver might take care of it.
Yuichi: Why are you so irresponsible?!
Makoto: What responsibilities do I have?! It's the cat that followed me! [Yuichi pulls back to slap her, and Makoto winces, anticipating the hit; Yuichi stops himself and lowers his hand]
Yuichi: You idiot!
Makoto: Aū. [Makoto starts to cry]
Yuichi: You can't take back what you did even if you cry.
Makoto: Yuichi, you jerk! [Makoto runs away]
Yuichi: Hey, Makoto! [He waits, watching her go]

The Fantasia of Reminiscence [2006.8]

[Makoto comes into Yuichi's room without knocking.]
Yuichi: Just get out. I'm redoing the homework you shredded to pieces.
Makoto: Aū, If you're going to say that, then forget it. I was planning on showing you a good thing.
Yuichi: If it's you naked, I've already seen it.
Makoto: [Shocked] Eh? Not me naked!

The Kit's Berceuse [2006.9]

[Yuichi just finished reading a manga to Makoto]
Makoto: [Tired] I want to get married. I want to...get married.
Yuichi: When you grow up.
Makoto:I want to get married to you. Then...Then...Then we can always be together.

The Hilltop Requiem [2006.10]

[On Monomi Hill at sunset, Yuichi says wedding vows for him and Makoto]
Yuichi: I, Aizawa Yuichi, and Sawatari Makoto...do swear to be by each other's side for richer or poorer...in sickness and in health. We'll always be together from now on, Makoto. [In thought] I believed that Makoto's wishes had all come true then...Running around having fun while causing trouble to others like kids do. Was Makoto happy with us? Was Makoto happy spending time with me, whom she hates? Was all of this worthwhile? Everyone really loved you. We were always arguing, but I loved you, too. If you had noticed that, then you would have been happy. But you were always a troublemaker, so I'm a little worried you weren't. [To Makoto] Makoto, let's always stay together.

[Yuichi is standing alone on a balcony and is met by Mishio.]
Yuichi: Amano...
Mishio: I'm relieved to see that you're looking so well today.
Yuichi: Well, that might be the only redeeming quality I have.
Mishio: Things are better than they seem.
Yuichi: Hm?
Mishio: When the spring finally comes again, you what will happen? There'll be baby foxes all over that hill. When one life ends, another begins. New creatures will be born, completing the circle of life and once again there will be another soul who longs for nothing but a little human warmth.
Yuichi: I guess it's possible.
Mishio: More than possible; I think it's inevitable. After all, that's part of the mystery of Monomi Hill.
Yuichi: Maybe you've got a point there.
Mishio: I wouldn't be surprised if more of the people living in this town were foxes but they're taking on a human form so nobody realizes it. Anybody who lives in this town could be one. Only nobody knows about it. Even I could be one. Or you could, too.
Yuichi: Amano...Are you?
Mishio: [Chuckles] I'm just kidding around.
Yuichi: [Chuckles] Man, what the heck's wrong with you? Don't scare me like that again.
Mishio: You have to admit it's something to think about. If all the foxes on that hill possess mysterious powers, maybe if they got together and focused their powers somehow, nothing short of an incredible miracle would occur. Don't you think that would be exciting?
Yuichi: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Mishio: It's just a dream, you know? Something that's nice to think about, but won't ever happen. Like, wouldn't it be nice if candy fell from the sky?
Yuichi: I don't think I follow. I mean, if there was candy all over the street I wouldn't really wanna eat it.
Mishio: Come on, Aizawa, you're thinking about it too literally.
Yuichi: And what are you doing? Seems to me if you're gonna daydream at least have it make sense. [Both Yuichi and Mishio chuckle.] You and me, we were a part of the same daydream...for a while. But now we've come back here to the real world. [Pause]
Mishio: Say...If you could make a miracle happen, anything in the world, no matter how crazy it sounds, what would it be? [Pause]
Yuichi: I thought that was...obvious...

The Intermezzo of Light and Shadows [2006.11]

[Yuichi and Nayuki walk into the classroom]
Jun: Yo, Aizawa!
Yuichi: Morning, Kitagawa. You're wearing the same clothes again.
Jun: [Laughs] Of course I am, for it is a uniform. You wear the same clothes every day, too.
Yuichi: [Laughs] Mine may seem the same, but I actually change them every day.
Jun: [Laughs] To tell you the truth, I do, as well. [Both laugh]

[School has just ended and Nayuki reminds Yuichi of a promise he made.]
Nayuki: Yuichi, it's after school.
Yuichi: Yeah, I could care less about it right now.
Nayuki: You should care about it. We're going home together today.
Yuichi: Who is?
Nayuki: You are.
Yuichi: With whom?
Nayuki: With me.
Yuichi: Why?
Nayuki: Because we promised.
Yuichi: Who did?
Nayuki: You did.
Yuichi: With whom?
Nayuki: With me.
Yuichi: Why?
Nayuki: Because we promised.
Yuichi: Who did?
Jun: You guys, don't you have anyone to stop you two?
Yuichi: I was actually hoping you would.

[Yuichi is walking home with Nayuki from school and they run into Ayu.]
Yuichi: Just to be sure, do you own a dress?
Ayu: A dress? Why?
Yuichi: What were you listening to? I said a dress for a dance festival.
Ayu: I don't understand.
Yuichi: You're the last hope I had. At this rate, you'll always stay an "uguu".
Nayuki: Yuichi, if you ask like that, you'll only confuse her more.
Ayu: That's right. It's been a while since we last met, and what's with the strange question right off the bat?
Nayuki: And it was very rude, too.
Ayu: Yeah, yeah, Yuichi-kun, you're really rude.
Nayuki and Ayu: Right? [Short pause] Who are you?

[Running to get to school on time, Yuichi and Nayuki somehow make it with time to spare.]
Yuichi: Looks like we made it.
Nayuki: We still have ten minutes until class starts. It's a new record.
Yuichi: It's a miracle.
Kaori: [Walks up to them] Listening to your conversation, it sounds like miracles are really cheap.
Nayuki: Good morning Kaori.
Yuichi: I was sure we were going to be late today, and yet to have ten minutes to spare is a miracle.
Kaori: Aizawa-kun. Miracles aren't supposed to happen that easily.

The Oddly Shaped Waltz [2006.12]

[Yuichi and Ayu outside at night talking about Nayuki.]
Ayu: I wonder if I'll be as beautiful as Nayuki-san when I grow up.
Yuichi: Nayuki is as old as we are.
Ayu: Eh?! Ugū, what a shock.
Yuichi: Don't worry about it. You have your own merits.
Ayu: Like what?!
Yuichi: You can get on the train with children's fare.
Ayu: That doesn't make me happy at all!
Yuichi: You can wear clothes from when you were small, no matter how many years pass.
Ayu: I'm growing a little!
Yuichi: It's not embarrassing to order the kid's meal.
Ayu: That's actually kind of good.
Yuichi: So don't let it worry you.
Ayu: It does!

[In class, Jun shows off a strange outfit.]
Jun: Aizawa, Minase, check this out!
Nayuki: What's that Kitagawa-kun?
Jun: My outfit for the dance. I'm on the committee, so I have to keep the party wild.
Yuichi: Committee? You?
Jun: Yeah! I'll catch all the eyes in the hall with this.
Kaori: I think you can...in more ways than one.
Jun: Don't you think? I got this so I can dance with you.
Kaori: I'm not participating in it.
Jun: EH?!
Kaori: I'm going to hang out with Nayuki today.

[Yuichi and Ayu are outside on Yuichi's balcony.]
Ayu: Hey, your cousin Nayuki's really pretty.
Yuichi: What made you think of that?
Ayu: I've been thinking of it for a while. I've felt that way ever since I first met her. She's pretty and she's nice. I think she's a beautiful person.
Yuichi: Seriously? I only see how absent-minded she is every day, so I don't really get that.
Ayu: You know, I hope that someday I can be as beautiful and nice a person as Nayuki is.
Yuichi: She's the exact same age as us. You know that, right?
Ayu: [Shocked] What...? Really?
Yuichi: Don't sweat stuff like that. I'm sure you probably have a few good points, too.
Ayu: Good points like what?
Yuichi: You can ride the train with the children's fare.
Ayu: [Angry] That's not a good thing!
Yuichi: You can wear the same clothes you did when you were eleven.
Ayu: [Still angry] I've grown a little since then!
Yuichi: Nobody looks at you funny when you order off the children's menu.
Ayu: You know, you really have a good point there.
Yuichi: See? There's nothing to stress about.
Ayu: [Angry] I'm not stressing!

[Yuichi wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and sees Ayu in the hallway.]
Ayu: [Screams] Oh, it's just you.
Yuichi: What are you so jumpy for? You think I was some kind of spooky ghost or something?
Ayu: [Waving arms frantically] NO! NO! DON'T DO THAT!
Yuichi: Don't do what?
Ayu: Don't you know when you talk about ghosts, you summon them to come to them! And that's why you're never supposed talk about ghosts!
Yuichi: Okay, and how many times do you think you just said the word "ghost"?
Ayu: [Yelps] [Worryingly] What have I done? What's gonna happen to me?
Yuichi: Oh, come on worrywart, nothing's gonna happen. By the way, what are you doing up in the middle of the night?
Ayu: I-I uh...
Yuichi: You were looking for that thing you lost, weren't you?
Ayu: [Yelling] I was not!

The Dangerous Trio [2006.13]

[Yuichi brought Ayu along to meet Mai at night at school, but now he wants her to go home.]
Ayu: You're cruel to make me go back alone when you made me come!
Yuichi: I have to be with Mai, so sorry.
Ayu: Ugū, I don't have the courage.
Yuichi: If you stay here, ghosts will show up.
Ayu: Ugū!
Yuichi: Stand up straight. You're an adult aren't you?
Ayu: It's not fair to say that only at times like this.
Yuichi: Use your Ugū power!
Ayu: You're not making any sense!

The Cracked Concerto [2007.14]

[Mai and Yuichi are waiting for Sayuri to come to lunch.]
Yuichi: Bored out of my mind. Wanna play Shiritori or something?
Mai: Okay. Sure.
Yuichi: [Surprised] You seriously wanna play?
Mai: You were the one who suggested it.
Yuichi: Okay, diaper.
Mai: Perambulation.
Yuichi: Uh...
Mai: Another round?
Yuichi: Uh....Alright. Riches.
Mai: Chestnut.
Yuichi: Nutty.
Mai: Tired.
Yuichi: Restless sleep.
Mai: Lionization.
Yuichi: Uh...
Mai: Lion.
Yuichi: It doesn't help if you change the word to something else that ends in "n"!

[After Sayuri explained how Mai has saved her to Yuichi...]
Sayuri: Do you know the name of this song?
Yuichi: No. Though I often hear it...
Sayuri: It's Canon. Pachelbel's Canon.
Yuichi: Canon?
Sayuri: The same melody repeats itself as the song grows richer and more beautiful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live seemingly constant lives while experiencing little changes bit by bit...

[Yuichi has just come home from school and asks Ayu a question.]
Yuichi: I'm home.
Ayu: Welcome back, Yuichi-kun.
Yuichi: Hey, how was Akiko-san's jam?
Ayu: [Short pause and now nervous] That was something other than "food".
Yuichi: [Makes a quick smirk] So you thought so, too.
Ayu: [Shocked and close to tears] So you knew! Ugū, you could have told me.
Yuichi: But it looks to be good for one's health. It could work as an anti-cancer drug.
Ayu: Ugū!

[Yuichi and Mai left the hospital and are walking along a road]
Yuichi: So I guess Sayuri knew what we were doing after all. She only pretended not to know. She was keeping secrets from us just like we were from her. She could never show it, but she must have been so worried about us. [Mai grabs her sword from Yuichi and goes on a rampage.] Mai! Stop it! [Yuichi restrains her.] Please, calm down!
Mai: It's all my fault! It's all my fault! Sayuri didn't do anything! It's all my-
Yuichi: No, if it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I should have told Sayuri the truth a long time ago.
Mai: It's the same thing again. Why am I the only one who gets off easy while everyone else around me suffers?! Why is it always that I'm the only one?!
Yuichi: Calm down, Mai! No! [Mai puts the tip of the sword to her neck.] Idiot! [Yuichi swats Mai's sword from her hand and it flies away. Then, Yuichi grabs Mai by the head to reveal tears streaming down her face.] Now you listen to me; destroying yourself isn't going to achieve anything! It just means you'll lose everything! Is that what you want? To lose me and Sayuri and everything we built together? Answer me, Mai!
Mai: I don't wanna lose anybody else...
Yuichi: Then why don't you and I go back to school right now? We'll put an end to all this demon business tonight, and then you can start blaming yourself, okay? Okay?! Listen to me!
Mai: I'll do whatever you think is the right thing.

The Hide-and-Seek's Sonatina [2007.15]

[Mai has just stabbed herself with her sword at school.]
Yuichi: Mai! Mai, don't die on me. Mai... [Yuichi picks her up and holds her] Mai! How could this... [Yuichi starts weeping]
Younger inner Mai: Yuichi. [Yuichi looks up and see's Mai's younger inner self.]
Yuichi I'm sorry I was so late.
Younger inner Mai: It's fine, since you came after all. You won't go anywhere this time?
Yuichi: Yeah, since we're friends.
Younger inner Mai: You will be my friend? You won't be afraid of me?
Yuichi: I promise. [Mai's younger inner self smiles and Yuichi notices a change in Mai's wound.] The wound is closed. You saved her?
Younger inner Mai: I think I can go back now. I think she can accept me.
Yuichi: You're...Mai's...
Younger inner Mai: I'm a fragment of Mai's power. But I want you to call me by this name: "Hope". [Mai's younger inner self turns and disappears.]
Yuichi: Mai. Get up, Mai. It's time for you to wake up from your dream.

The Midnight Oratorio [2007.16]

[Yuichi and Ayu are walking through the hospital and run into Shiori.]
Yuichi: Shiori. [Shiori turns and and sees them]
Shiori: Yuichi-san.
Ayu: [Ayu runs up to Shiori with Yuichi close behind] It's been a while!
Shiori: Are you both sick?
Yuichi: Visiting a friend. There is a saying: "Ugū never gets sick." [This is a joke on the actual phrase "Idiots never get sick."]
Ayu: There is no such saying!

The Lieder ohne Worte Between the Elder and the Younger Sister [2007.17]

[Yuichi comes home after having a serious talk with Kaori. Yuichi shows obvious signs of being depressed.]
Yuichi: I'm home.
Ayu: Welcome back!
Yuichi: Yeah. [Picks up Piro] How is Akiko-san doing?
Ayu: Nayuki-san made egg-drop porridge and took it to her.
Yuichi: I see. [Hands Piro to Ayu]
Ayu: What's wrong? You don't look so well.
Yuichi: Eh? Yeah, it's because it was so cold outside. [Yuichi turns and walks away toward his room. A few minutes later, Ayu comes to Yuichi's room.]
Ayu: [Knocks on the door] Yuichi-kun, I'm coming in. [Ayu opens the door and Piro walks in first. Ayu sees Yuichi laying on his bed.] Ah! It's pitch black in here. Can I turn the lights on?
Yuichi: No, please don't.
Ayu: Why?
Yuichi: When it gets bright, I turn to ashes.
Ayu: [Laughs and walks closer to Yuichi's bed, sitting next to him.] So you're a vampire?
Yuichi: You need something?
Ayu: No, not really. I just I just felt that it'd be better to stay close to you.
Yuichi: Mind your own business.
Ayu: You're right...
Yuichi: [Small laugh] You're so strange.
Ayu: You're right.
Yuichi: [After a short pause] Thank you.

[Yuichi and Shiori are eating curry for lunch at school, a food known for being spicy.]
Shiori: [Looks down at the food with a apprehensive look] It looks spicy.
Yuichi: The curry they serve here is pretty good. [Yuichi takes a bite of the curry. Shiori watches in surprise as he enjoys it.] What's wrong? Eat up.
Shiori: Y-Yes. [Shiori takes a scoop of the curry and slowly lifts it up to her mouth before slipping it into her mouth. Almost instantly, Shiori shows signs of panic.]
Yuichi: Are you all right?
Shiori: [Takes a drink of water] To tell you the truth, I can't take spicy food at all.
Yuichi: What? Then what about wasabi?
Shiori: I don't even want to see it.
Yuichi: Mustard?
Shiori: [Covers her ears with her hands] I don't even want to hear of it.
Yuichi: Tabasco?
Shiori: It's the enemy of all humankind!
Yuichi: Ice cream?
Shiori: I love it.
Yuichi: Why did you order curry then?
Shiori: [After a short pause and then while slightly blushing] I wanted to eat the same thing you were eating.

[After her bath, Ayu comes into Yuichi's room to tell him the bath is ready.]
Yuichi: You keep your hair band on even after you take your bath, eh?
Ayu: This? [While slightly blushing] It's because I got it as a present from someone precious to me.

The Disappearing Adagio [2007.18]

[Shiori's birthday party is underway and Jun notices that most of Yuichi's friends are girls.]
Nayuki: So Shiori-chan was the girl that came to get you the other day.
Jun: I knew I had seen that face from somewhere before. You're the one that was standing in the courtyard, right?
Yuichi: Oh yeah, you were the one who first found Shiori there.
Jun: That's right! And you laid your hands on her without my permission!
Yuichi: Don't say such misleading things.
Jun: Shiori-chan, Minase, and eh...Tsukimiya Ayu-chan, was it?
Ayu: Yep!
Jun: And Shiori-chan's classmate. And you're close with Kurata-san and Kawasumi-san from the third-year class, aren't you? [Jun jumps up and grabed Yuichi in a neck hold.] You pimp!

[Shiori's birthday party has just ended and everyone's outside the café.]
Nayuki: That was embarrassing.
Yuichi: Yeah right, after how much you were laughing?
Ayu: Are you all right, Shiori-chan? Are you tired?
Shiori: No, I'm fine. It was fun. I'm glad I was able to share some time with you. [Shiori pauses and looks to her sister her is looking the other way.]
Nayuki: Shiori-chan, let's have lunch together next time.
Shiori: Can I?
Shiori's classmate: Then me, too.
Ayu: Me, too!
Yuichi: You go to a different school.
Ayu: Ugū.
Jun: I'm in, too. It's a waste to let Aizawa have all the fun.
Yuichi: I told you to not say misleading things.
Jun: Why? Don't you want to make a cute girl like her your girlfriend?
Kaori: You really don't have an eye for girls, do you, Aizawa-kun? [Both Shiori and Yuichi are shocked at what she said.]
Yuichi: [After a short pause, and then with a smirk on his face.] Mind your own business.
Kaori: It is my business. [Kaori finally turns toward Shiori and Yuichi.] Because Shiori is... Shiori is...[Short pause.] ...my litter sister. [Everyone is shocked to hear this, though mainly those that didn't already know.] Right, Shiori?
Shiori: Onee-chan...
Jun: Why didn't you say that in the beginning? Ah, could it be- [Yuichi slaps his hand on Jun's mouth.]
Yuichi: Zip it.
Kaori: Come, let's be off. [Kaori starts to lead the others away from Yuichi and Shiori.]
Ayu: Y-Yeah.
Nayuki: Oh yeah, I have practice!
Kaori: [Kaori stops and turns back to face Shiori and Yuichi.] Shiori, um... [Short pause.] Let's chat a lot later.
Shiori: Yup.
Kaori: Aizawa-kun, take care of my sister, please.
Yuichi: Yeah. [Kaori has one more look at Shiori and then turns to continue walking with the others.]

Yuichi: I think it's called a miracle because there's a chance something good can happen.

The Contact Étude [2007.19]

[Seven years prior to the present in the story, Yuuichi and Ayu are talking together in the shopping district.]
Yuichi: That doll I gave you...
Ayu: This? [Ayu motions to the doll she's holding.]
Yuichi: That doll is actually not an ordinary doll. It's a mysterious doll that grants a wish for the owner. [Short pause.] You just thought I was lying, didn't you?
Ayu: A little.
Yuichi: But it's true.
Ayu: [Surprised] Really?
Yuichi: But it can only grant three wishes. Of course, it doesn't accept "I want more wishes." Put yourself in the shoes of the one that has to grant them.
Ayu: Who's going to grant them?
Yuichi: Me.
Ayu: [Short pause and then after a small laugh] I see.
Yuichi: So I can't grant wishes that are impossible for me, either. By the way, I'm poor. [Ayu laughes] Now, say any wish you have.
Ayu: Then, here's my first wish. [Holds the doll as if she is praying to it.] Please don't forget about me. Even if you go home because winter vacation is over, please remember me from time to time. And think, "Right, I met a strange girl in that snow-covered city." That enough, so please don't forget. That's my first wish. [Looks up at Yuichi] Is that no good?
Yuichi: I told you that I'd do anything I can. I promise. I'll never forget about you, and I will come back to this city. When I do, let's eat taiyaki together.
Ayu: Yep.
Yuichi: By the way, the taiyaki will be on me.
Ayu: Yep, it's a promise!

[Nayuki is just about to start the track team tournament, while Ayu, Yuichi, Jun and Nayuki's mother watch on the sidelines.]
Ayu: I'm getting worried. Nayuki-san will be all right, right? She'll win, right?
Yuichi: I wonder. I feel like she's not nervous enough for the match.
Ayu: That's not true! Nayuki-san will win it for sure!
Yuichi: You're the one that said you're worried.
Ayu: Ugū. I did but...
Jun: [To Yuichi, trying to keep his voice down.] Hey, don't make a grade school girl your girlfriend, all right? There are a lot of problems with that.
Ayu: [Annoyed] I'm the same age as Yuichi-kun and Kitagawa-kun. [Jun is shocked and screams out.] You're overreacting!
Jun: You're really in high school? Which high school?
Ayu: One in the west forest.
Yuichi: Apparently you can go when you want and leave when you want.
Ayu: There's no homework, and taiyaki is served for lunch.
Jun: Does that kind of school even exist?
Yuichi: [Voice hushed] Don't take it seriously.

[Yuichi and Nayuki are walking hope after Yuichi just bought her a present for winning the track team tournament.]
Nayuki: Hey, Yuichi. [Yuichi, who is walking a little ahead of Nayuki, stops and turns around. After a short pause, Nayuki speaks again.] Don't give Ayu-chan too much trouble, okay?
Yuichi: If anything, I think it's usually me that's troubled by her.
Nayuki: You don't understand. Ayu-chan is...
Yuichi: What about Ayu?
Nayuki: [Looks away.] It's a secret!
Yuichi: Give me a hint.
Nayuki: It's meaningless for me to say it. [Nayuki starts to walk towards Yuichi.]
Yuichi: Hint two!
Nayuki: Nope. Only one hint. [Nayuki keeps walking past Yuichi.]
Yuichi: Bonus chance! [He goes to catch up to her.]
Nayuki: There's none of that!
Yuichi: Special chance!
Nayuki: What's that?
Yuichi: Attack chance!
Nayuki: You're not making sense.

[Seven years previous, Ayu is waiting on a bench for Yuichi with a present to give to him.]
Ayu: [Ayu notices Yuichi running up to her and stands up to face him while smiling.] You're late, Yuichi-kun.
Yuichi: Sorry... [Catches his breath] ...to keep you waiting.
Ayu: I thought you wouldn't be coming today.
Yuichi: Me too; I thought I wouldn't make it today. I'm sorry I always make you wait, Ayu.
Ayu: Yuichi-kun, um...[Ayu holds out her present to Yuichi.] These are for you! They're cookies I made.
Yuichi: Handmade? [Takes the small bag.] Thank you.
Ayu: [Yuichi looks inside the bag to discover all the cookies are black and hard.] I'm sorry I couldn't make them very well. [Yuichi manages to take a bite of one of the cookies.] How is it?
Yuichi: It's good...
Ayu: [With a smile] That's great!

The Farewell Nocturn [2007.20]

[Right after they break their kiss together.]
Ayu: Um, I-I...I'm sorry!
Yuichi: Don't apologize, you idiot!
Ayu: B-But I ignored your feelings, and I...
Yuichi: I love you, Ayu. Do you love me?
Ayu: I...I've loved you since a long, long time ago, too! [Slight pause.] I think, if you love me, then I think I can love you back forever! [Covers her face in embarrassment, then looks up at Yuichi.] I don't really understand it, but I think it's something like that. Um...[Laughs] What am I saying? I shouldn't be saying things that aren't like me.
Yuichi: No, my thoughts are exactly the same. We've waited for seven years, so we need to take back the time we've lost.
Ayu: Yuichi-kun... [Hugs him] Then let's meet here tomorrow after school, too. Like we used to.
Yuichi: Yeah. Like we used to.

[Yuichi and Ayu are just about to part ways while they go to their respective schools.]
Yuichi: Don't go following a stranger even if you're given taiyaki.
Ayu: I'm not a child!
Yuichi: You are a child until you can solve cubic equations like child's play. Do you know what a cubic equation is?
Ayu: Ugū, not really...
Yuichi: I don't either!
Ayu: Eh?!

[Ayu and Yuichi are sitting on a bench out in front of a convenience store.]
Yuichi: You know, Ayu, don't take this the wrong way, but you're kind of a freak.
Ayu: Okay, I'm confused. Now how am I not supposed to take that the wrong way?
Yuichi: I'm just saying. You're like a weird, spazzy little boy lost in the supermarket.
Ayu: Ugū, I know my way around the supermarket!
Yuichi: [Sighs] That's exactly what I'm talking about. You're in your own world. I mean it's-it's mind-boggling. You've even got your own weird lost boy language.
Ayu: Yuichi, why are you calling me a boy?!
Yuichi: Not just a boy, I said "spazzy little lost boy". Hmm...I should add "crazy" to that.
Ayu: [Complaining] Hey!
Yuichi: Come on, I wanna see if you can do it. Try and say something normal. It's an important skill to have.
Ayu: Okay...Let's see...[Ayu strains herself.] Yuichi, this is just stupid! [Ayu groans which causes Yuichi to laugh]
Yuichi: You can't do it!
Ayu: You're mean! You didn't even give me a chance! [Yuichi catches his breath and stops laughing]
Yuichi: You're right. Sorry. Okay, give it another try. I promise I won't laugh.
Ayu: I'm not going to play your dumb game.
Yuichi: Come on, now. You can't be crazy forever. Think of the future, Ayu. I mean, you're gonna have to get a job someday, aren't ya? Say you're on a job interview and you open your mouth: "Ugū, I'm Ayu. I think that taiyaki is really awesome".
Ayu: Ugū. Um...That is not what I would say. You're...a stupid-head!
Yuichi: Yeah...Uh, see, I don't think I'd hire you.
Ayu: Do you get some sick pleasure out of making fun of me?
Yuichi: Whoa! Hey, hey! There's nothing sick about it!
Ayu: You called me a boy!
Yuichi: A spazzy little lost boy!
Ayu and Yuichi: [Yuichi mocking Ayu] Ugū!

The Ronde Without You [2007.21]

[Ayu is up in a tree about to make her second wish on the doll Yuichi gave her.]
Ayu: Then my second wish is, I want to go to school with you. Just today. We'll make this place our school. We'll study together, eat lunch together, clean the classroom together...and I want to go home with you. Is a wish like this okay?
Yuichi: I promised that I'd grant anything I can. From now on, this place is a school. A school without rules or uniforms. A school with freedom.
Ayu: How about homework?
Yuichi: None, of course.
Ayu: How about tests?
Yuichi: No tests! You can skip school when you want. You can come when you want and leave when you want.
Ayu: That's a nice school! Then I'll add something, too...Taiyaki is served for lunch every day!
Yuichi: Taiyaki every day?
Ayu: Yep! Taiyaki every day.
Yuichi: Every day is a little...
Ayu: No! It'll be served every day!
Yuichi: [After a short pause] Let's meet at this school, again.
Ayu: Here?
Yuichi: Yeah, next time I come to this city.
Ayu: We'll meet at this school!
Yuichi: You got it!
Ayu: Yep! It's a promise.

[Yuichi is crying alone on a bench and Nayuki runs up to him holding some snow shaped to look like a bunny.]
Young Nayuki: Yuichi. I'm glad I was able to see you before you left. I've been searching for you since morning. [Looks down at the snow bunny and places it on her head.] Look, this is called a snow bunny. [Takes snow bunny off her head and holds it in her hands again.] I made it. I can only make something like this, but...And it took time because I'm not good at it. But I wanted to give it to you, so I did my best at making it. You see, Yuichi...Will you accept this? We won't be able to see each other for a while starting tomorrow, but...But you'll come visit again, right? [Short pause] I could never bring myself to say it but...Yuichi, I've always...loved you. [Short pause] Yuichi? Is something wrong? Are you crying? Did something happen? Hey...Yuichi? Yui- [Yuichi stands up and pulls back his hand. He slaps the snow bunny out of Nayuki's hand and it crashes to the ground.]

The Symphony of Recollections [2007.22]

[Ayu just feel off from the tree and cannot move.]
Yuichi: Ayu! Ayu!
Ayu: [Opens her eyes] Yuichi...kun...
Yuichi: Don't talk. I'll take you to the hospital right away.
Ayu: It hurts. It really hurts.
Yuichi: I got it, so don't talk.
Ayu: [Small laugh] I fell...I'm supposed to be good at climbing trees, too. [Suddenly feels something] What's this? I don't feel the pain anymore. What's going to happen to me?
Yuichi: If it doesn't hurt, then it's absolutely fine.
Ayu: Yep. [Short pause] Heh? My body doesn't move.
Yuichi: It's fine if it doesn't move. I'll take you.
Ayu: But...if I can't move...we can't play. [Starts to cry] Yuichi-kun. Will you...play with me again?
Yuichi: [About to cry] Yeah, of course. I even have something to give you.
Ayu: I'm glad. Then it's a promise.
Yuichi: Yeah.
Ayu: Pinky promise. [Tries to move her hand.] I can't move. If I can't move my hands, we can't make a pinky promise. I'm...such a fool.
Yuichi: [Grabs her hand and makes a pinky promise.] There, we can still make a pinky promise. We did make a promise, Ayu. It's a promise so...
Ayu: Yep, it's a promise...
Yuichi: [Short pause] Come on, if you don't let go, it doesn't become official. You have to let go of me. We have to let go of it together, or else it won't be official. Ayu? [Breaks down] Ayu!!!

[Yuichi gets into Nayuki's room after it had been locked all day.]
Nayuki: Get out of here. Please, Yuichi. I don't want to see anyone. I want...to be alone...
Yuichi: Hey, long time, no see. It's been a couple of days. I saw you finally ate something. Did you like my cooking? Well, I know it's no great shakes compared to the stuff Aunt Akiko can make but...[Stops himself short] Come on, Nayuki. Are you seriously going to sit in here and keep blaming yourself forever? Aunt Akiko's going to pull through. She lives her life by her own rules. There's no way something this stupid can take her away.
Nayuki: Yuichi...Are you a miracle worker? [Pause] Mom and I...we were always together; the two of us. For as long as I can remember, in this town, in this house, it's just always been us. I don't-I don't even know what my dad looks like. Still, because I always had Mom, I never felt lonely at all. We were able to make it this far together and...And now, because of me, I'm going to be...all alone in the world...
Yuichi: You're not going to be alone. You're one of the most popular girls at school, you know that? People like Kaori and Kitagawa and all your teammates think you're great. And you've got me, too.
Nayuki: I've got you, too?
Yuichi: Yeah. I'm right here with you, aren't I?
Nayuki: I don't believe you. [Yuichi gasps] How could I? You forgot about me for seven years. [Yuichi looks with remose.] You're a liar. You never once responded at any of the letters I sent you.
Yuichi: I know...but I read every one of them...
Nayuki: Since I didn't hear from you, I thought maybe you never got them somehow. When I heard you were coming back here to stay with me and Mom, I was almost too scared to go and meet you at the train station. I was sure I'd see you there, but you wouldn't recognize me or remember my name. [Yuichi takes out the red bead in his pocket.]
Yuichi: I, uh...I remember what happened seven years ago. [He walks over to her.] It was the last day of winter break and we were saying goodbye at the station...and you came with the snow bunny...I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me? [Presents the red bead to her.]
Nayuki: All of that...is in the past...
Yuichi Would it be okay if I stayed in here with you for a little longer? Nayuki?
Nayuki: No. [Pause] Please go away. [Pause] I can't...be happy anymore...[Starts crying] I don't know how I could be...Because...I was always with Mom and she was the one who...
Yuichi: Nayu-
Nayuki: [Yelling] GET OUT!!!

The Scarlet-Red Finale [2007.23]

[Yuichi meets Ayu at the place where the tree was cut down.]
Yuichi: I still love you.
Ayu: Me, too, Yuichi-kun.
Yuichi: Then why did you say we can't meet again?
Ayu: Because I'm out of time. Today, I'm here to say goodbye.
Yuichi: I'm here to give you what you left behind.
Ayu: So...you found it.
Yuichi: Yes, with some trouble. Lots of trouble. [Yuichi stands up and faces Ayu.]
Ayu: Thank you. [Yuichi walks closer and hands her the bag.] Yuichi-kun.
Yuichi: You're late, Ayu.
Ayu: We're allowed to come whenever we want to our school.
Yuichi: That's right.
Ayu: Yep!
Yuichi: We were able to meet again.
Ayu: Yep.
Yuichi: Is this really goodbye?
Ayu: Yep.
Yuichi: You can't stay in this city forever?
Ayu: No.
Yuichi: I see. [Short pause] Then...Then at least tell me your third wish. Since I made a promise that I'd grant your wish, so at the very least, let me grant the last wish.
Ayu: ...That's...right...Thank you for waiting! Here's my last wish! Yuichi-kun. Please...Please...forget about me. Please think as if I'd never existed. Yes...Please...[Starts to cry] Please...forget about...
Yuichi: Are you sure? Do you really wish for me to forget about you?
Ayu: But I...don't have any more wishes. I was able to eat so much of the taiyaki that I was never supposed to have been able to eat again. So...So, please forget about me. [Yuichi embraces her.] Yuichi-kun...I'm not a child anymore.
Yuichi: Yes, you are.
Ayu: That's not true.
Yuichi: You go running off on your own and cause trouble for others.
Ayu: Ugū.
Yuichi: What's worse, you try to shoulder all the burden yourself. All with your small body. You're not alone. I won't accept that wish. I can't grant it.
Ayu: Yuichi-kun...
Yuichi: There's no way I'd be able to forget about you!
Ayu: I know what my wish is. My last wish is...[A strong wind passes by and the wish is not audible.]
Yuichi: What did you just say, Ayu? [Short pause] Ayu? [Embraces her again]
Ayu: Yuichi-kun, is my body still warm?
Yuichi: Of course it is.
Ayu: What a relief. [Ayu disappears in a flash of light.]
Yuichi: [Falls to the ground] Ayu...

The Kanon at the End of Dreams [2007.24]

[Yuichi is talking to Ayu as she in unconscious in a coma. Ayu is thinking this.]
Ayu: A dream... I'm seeing a dream...A dream of the person most dear to me, sitting by my side. He talks to me. He lets me hear about many things. About his cousin that he met after seven years. About of story of a fox that became human. About a story of a strange girl that came to the school's courtyard every day. About a story of a girl who fought ghosts. And about a story of a childhood friend he met in the shopping district at sunset. A dream...I'm seeing a dream. A dream of being by my dearest person. A daily life that repeats. Pieces of dreams come on after another and fill my heart, just like how snow gradually turns the city white.

[Yuichi goes out to try to find Ayu's headband. Ayu is thinking this.]
Ayu: I loved the scenery that flew by. Winter. A city of snow. I loved running through the shopping district, leaving behind footprints. Spring. A city of melting snow. I loved picking up the snow piled beside the roots of trees. Summer. The city has forgotten how cold the snow was. I loved looking at the city through the cracks on the umbrella. Autumn. The city waiting for snow to fall. I loved catching the small snowflakes with my hands. And it's back to winter. The season of snow. The season when the entire city is white. I loved the scenery that flew by. But, like a puddle that freezes, my time has frozen. Inside this square room, where there is no change in seasons. I was always alone...while repeatedly seeing the same scenes in my dream...while viewing the endless night...But, slowly, light was starting to shine into the night.

[Yuichi finally finds Ayu's headband. He breaks down in tears.]
Ayu: [In flashbacks] It was a gift from somebody who was really important to me. [Another flashback] And you gave me this headband. [Another flashback] You wouldn't happen to remember anything about the day you gave this to me, would you?
Yuichi: [Present day] I never even gave her the present...I never gave it to her.
Ayu: [In flashback] You mean I can really keep it? If you change your mind and ask for it back I don't think I'm going to give it back...
Yuichi: [Present day] I chose an illusion over reality. I shoved what really happened deep down into my heart and chose to accept an illusion that gave me comfort. I protected myself from being heartbroken so I wouldn't destroy the good memories I have.

[Yuichi goes out to try to find Ayu's headband. Ayu is thinking this.]
Ayu (Dub): I liked the flowing scenery. Winter, a city of fluttering snow. I loved running through the shopping district, leaving behind new footprints in sidewalks. Spring, a city of melting snow. I loved scooping up...scooping up the little piles of it that hadn't melted yet underneath the trees. Summer, a city that's forgotten the cold of snow. I loved looking at the city when I would take long walks under the shade of my parasol. Autumn, a city foretelling the arrival of snow. I loved watching the snowflakes drifting down from the clouds. I would catch as many as I could with my hands. And now it's winter again. The season of snow. The season where everything in it is covered in white. How I loved the flowing scenery. But like a river frozen in its banks, my time had stopped flowing, in this rectangular room, in a time that knows no seasons. I was always, always and forever alone. Over and over again, I would see the same scenes in my dream. That I always did. And I began to surrender to the never-ending night. But slowly, I feel the dawn is breaking.

[Ayu is out of the hospital and is waiting on a bench for Yuichi in the spring.]
Ayu: [In thought.] It's getting sad. [Yuichi finally shows up.] He's standing right in front of me.
Yuichi: Hey, suspicious person!
Ayu: You're late! Way too late!
Yuichi: Sorry, I was a little late.
Ayu: Besides, I'm not a suspicious person.
Yuichi: What? You're suspicious no matter how you look at it.
Ayu: How so?
Yuichi: Everything.
Ayu: Ugū. That's not true!
Yuichi: [Pating the strange hat Ayu has on.] What's with this? Trying to change your image?
Ayu: You promise not to laugh?
Yuichi: I won't.
Ayu: You really promise not to?
Yuichi: I swear that I won't no matter what happens.
Ayu: It sounds really made-up, but okay, it's a promise.
Yuichi: I do keep promises.
Ayu: I went to a barber and asked for a haircut. Then...[Ayu takes off the hat]...I got a lot cut off. [Yuichi beings to laugh.] [In thought.] And he laughed out loud without holding anything back. [Aloud, and puts the hat back on.] Ugū. You said you wouldn't laugh!
Yuichi: With that hairstyle, you're more and more like a boy. That's what you get for going to a barber at your age.
Ayu: But I've only gone to barbers before.
Yuichi: Next time, have Nayuki show you to a hair salon.
Ayu: Yep, I'll do that.
Yuichi: Let's go now. [Yuichi helps her up.] Akiko-san said she'll make you taiyaki.
Ayu: Really?
Yuichi: Shiori, Mai, Kaori, and Sayuri-san are there, too. They're all waiting for us. [Yuichi helps Ayu into her wheelchair.]
Ayu: Then we have to hurry.
Yuichi: Yeah. [Yuichi begins to push Ayu in the wheelchair.]
Ayu: I want to make some taiyaki, too. [In thought.] The time that had stopped slowly starts moving...while holding on to a small fragment of a miracle. [Aloud.] Hey, Yuichi-kun.
Yuichi: Yeah?
Ayu: Will I be able to run around again?
Yuichi: Of course. On the dirt, grass, or snow. You'll be able to run around again.
Ayu: Yep. You're right. [In thought.] I don't know how long it'll take. But there's plenty of time.

[Ayu is out of the hospital and is waiting for Yuichi at their meeting place.]
Ayu: [Sighs] He's late again...[Adjusts hat] I was starting to feel a little bit sad...[Yuichi arrives in front of Ayu.] [Narrating] And then there he was, standing right in front of me again.
Yuichi: Hey, sorry I took so long!
Ayu: [Aloud] You're late! Way too late!
Yuichi: Sorry. I was reporting you.
Ayu: Reporting me? What the heck are you talking about?
Yuichi: I had to! The fashion police said to look out for suspicious characters.
Ayu: What looks suspicious?
Yuichi: All of you.
Ayu: Ugū, that's a mean thing to say!
Yuichi: Well, what's with the hat? You trying to get beat up or something?
Ayu: Don't laugh, okay?
Yuichi: I won't laugh.
Ayu: You aren't gonna laugh at me?
Yuichi: You have my promise as a gentleman that no matter what happens I'm not going to laugh.
Ayu: That totally sounds like a lie, but okay. Fine. Remember; you promised.
Yuichi: You may not believe it, but I'm more than capable of keeping my promises.
Ayu: Well, I went to the barber because I needed to get my hair cut again. But then...[Takes off her hat to reveal her short hair.] He cut a lot off. [Yuichi starts laughing hard at Ayu.] [Narrating] He laughed loud and long without holding anything back. [Aloud] Ugū! You gave me your word you weren't gonna laugh at me!
Yuichi: Oh, man. With your hair that short, you look even more like a boy than you did before. That's what you get for trying to go to a barber.
Ayu: But I've never gotten my hair cut anywhere else...
Yuichi: Next time you go I'll have Nayuki take you to a salon.
Ayu: Yeah, that sounds good...
Yuichi: Come on. Let's get going. [Helps Ayu into her wheelchair.] Aunt Akiko said she's making some taiyaki for you.
Ayu: Seriously?
Yuichi: Shiori, Mai, Kaori, and Sayuri are all at the house right now, too. Everybody's waiting for us.
Ayu: Then we'd better get there quick.
Yuichi: Right! [Starts pushing her wheelchair.]
Ayu: I'd like to learn how to make taiyaki, too. [Narrating] The memories that stopped are slowly to flow again while holding on to a single fragment of a miracle. [Aloud] Hey, Yuichi?
Yuichi: Hm?
Ayu: Do you think I'll be able to run on my own again?
Yuichi: Of course you will! You'll be running on dirt, on grass, and even on snow. I know you're gonna run again someday.
Ayu: I think so, too. [Giggles] [Narrating] I don't know how long it will take, but that hardly matters. Because I have all the time in the world.


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