Kane Hodder

American actor and stunt performer

Kane Hodder (April 8, 1955 –) is an American actor, stuntman, and author.


  • I always wanted to be a working stunt person and that’s all I anticipated doing, never thinking that I would do any kind of acting because i have never been trained in any way and certainly never thinking anyone would ever want me to sign an autograph for them! (laughs) Of course everything changed the first time I played Jason. All of a sudden it was completely different – it was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike it but I just never expected it. I think I tend to appreciate my situation and appreciate the fans sometimes more than other people might because I know without the horror fans I wouldn’t be known as I am now. I attribute all that notoriety to the fans and that’s why I try to be as accommodating and friendly to them as I can.
  • I always enjoyed horror, both as a kid and as a young man. Then when I was doing stunts in horror movies and was lucky enough to get the role as Jason the first time then that’s when everything changed. Once you get known in horror then every small horror film wants you to be in their movie because your name is known in the horror genre and that helps sell the movie. Very often, if they’re smart, they will offer you different kind of roles which I personally love. When somebody offers me something that I’ve never done before, that’s what I’m looking for.
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