Juwanna Mann

2002 film by Jesse Vaughan

Juwanna Mann is a film about star basketball player Jamal Jeffries who is suspended indefinitely for his on-and-off-court shenanigans and must pose as a woman to get his career back.

Jamal JeffriesEdit

  • [after being pulled over] Maybe I can sedyyyyyuce my way out of a ticket...oh shit, it is a white man! OK, Juwanna, you can still pull this off.

Lorne DanielsEdit

  • [after seeing Jamal in the team mascot's costume] A third career.....Where do u find the time?

Tina ParkerEdit

  • The only reason why I stayed with your lyin', cheatin' ass is because you were rich and famous.


  • [while being interviewed] In my country, penis okay; My mother have penis, and my sister.

Coach RiversEdit

  • Do you see that banner up there? It says the "Charlotte Banshees", not the "Charlotte Juwannas"!
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