Jusuf Prazina

Bosniak Criminal & Paramilitary Leader

Jusuf "Juka" Prazina (1962 – 1993-12-04) was a Sarajevan gangster and paramilitary warlord during the Bosnian war.

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  • They defend Sarajevo.
    • Addressing his unit in May, 1992. [1]
  • They are very dangerous, but we exterminate them like rats.
    • On Serb snipers in the siege of Sarajevo. [2]
  • I know how to say Allah, and that's it. I'm a citizen of Sarajevo and a Bosnian and full stop.
    • On being "Muslim" (official term for Bosniaks in the former Yugoslavia)[3]

Quotations of others about Jusuf Prazina edit

  • He had a notebook: he'd take it, list through it and sing every song one by one over the radio. The chetniks would sing him Ceca and Vesna Zmijanac, and he would sing for them Zaim Imamović and Safet Isović.
    • Adnan Solaković[4]
  • A leader isn't made, he is born. And Juka was a leader: he was able to lead the masses, he had that chemistry. People loved him, stood by him, there is no need to lie: everybody gathered around him.
    • Adnan Solaković[5]
  • Sarajevo, city of mine /the hero Juka is your son.
    • Popular verse in patriotic song from 1992. [6]
  • He delighted in the role of a hero, he loved Sarajevo and he loved money.
    • Unidentified Sarajevo lawyer. [7]

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