Justine Tunney

Software developer from the USA

Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney (born 1984) is became software developer at Google and is noted for her programming acumen. She was a former Occupy movement activist and a blogger. In 2014 Tunney raised a petition to appoint the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, as CEO of America.

Justine Tunney in 2014


  • It never ceases to amaze me how far people have to stretch in order to denounce the one corporation that gives away everything for free
    • Hern of The Guardian reporting on Tunney's support for Google after becoming employed by that corporation.[1]
  • Tech companies expropriate ad money from capitalists to build a superintelligence & don’t pay dividends! ... Silicon Valley is firmly post-capitalist. There just isn’t a name for it yet, nor an intellectual (assessment)
    • Whilst "Explaining on Twitter why she thinks anti-capitalism is compatible with promotion of her employers" according to Hern of the The Guardian Newspaper.[1]

Quotes about Tunney

  • she has become an astroturfer par excellence for the company, including showing up in a comment section to bash my reporting on Google’s vast for-profit surveillance operation
    • Reporter Yasha Levine from the Pando Daily observing a "seeming discrepancy between Tunney’s former anarchist beliefs and her current role at Google", as reported by Hern in The Guardian.[1]
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