Just Before Dawn (1981 film)

1981 film by Jeff Lieberman

Just Before Dawn is a 1981 film about five campers who are stalked and killed in the mountains after traveling there to examine property they had purchased.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman. Written by Jeff Lieberman, Mark Arywitz, and Jonas Middleton.
Will Anyone Survive Those Hours Just Before Dawn?  (taglines)


  • 4,000 feet of granite, water and wood. Nowhere to climb and the idea is to become part of the mountain...to try and find its soul.
  • There's nothing out there but God's little creatures, more scared of you than you are of them.


[after Warren and Jonathan scare the group]
Daniel: I knew it was you guys all along.
Jonathan: Oh come on, Dan, you were more freaked out than the girls.
Daniel: I just wasn't sure it was you.
Jonathan: So you peed your pants to play it safe, huh?


  • Will Anyone Survive Those Hours Just Before Dawn?
  • The nightmare has begun...


  • George Kennedy - Roy McLean
  • Mike Kellin - Ty
  • Chris Lemmon - Jonathan
  • Gregg Henry - Warren
  • Deborah Benson - Constance ("Connie")
  • Ralph Seymour - Daniel
  • Katie Powell - Merry Cat Logan
  • John Hunsaker - Mountain Twins
  • Charles Bartlett - Vachel
  • Jamie Rose - Megan
  • Hap Oslund - Pa Logan
  • Barbara Spencer - Ma Logan