JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Mission Earthquest

1998 video game

JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Mission Earthquest is a computer game created by Knowledge Adventure.


Uncle Eli: We cannot permit entry until we have signed in.

Uncle Eli: Danger, that key is not allowed! Please, try again.

Uncle Eli: There is only room for 12 characters. Please type a shorter name.

Uncle Eli: If you would like to set the levels of the activities, click above.

A.R.T.: From that garbage, I will assemble an army of mechanical monsters to carry out my plan.

Uncle Eli: What's going on with the map?
Zack: I don't know, Uncle Eli. I just started going hangwire.
Jess: I just saw a monkey!
Zack: Cut the clowing, Jess. This is serious!
Jess: I'm telling you, I saw a monkey! Hey, Is that man watching in satellite launch?
Zack: They don't send monkeys into space anymore.
Jess: Yes, they do. Remember the astronauts were asking for too much money?
Uncle Eli: It's ART! Kids, you better suit up! ART is the name of the artificial intelligence I held to deduct. It has the ability to think for itself. Then in earth, I realize this version has deep before launching. You've got to stop A.R.T., and it's up to us and EarthQuest to help restore the earth.

Zack: Gross! Man this place is disgusting! There's toxic goo everywhere!

Jess: I'm losing pod strength! Got to be more careful!

Uncle Eli: Uh-Oh! Your pod is out of power! Come on home!

A.R.T.: Enos! Stop that. Stop that. Stop that! Stop that! Stop, that!

A.R.T.: What a piece of work is man indeed. When my robot regions have conquered the earth and wipe the planet clean of... [Enos is doing with the horse, the radio, and the saw] What are you doing?! Stop that, Enos!

A.R.T.: It seems we'll be spending a bit of time together, Enos. So I have better teach you the gentlemanly game of chess. Enos, No! You'll get monkey saliva all over everything. Put that down! Bad monkey!

A.R.T.: Enos, where are you? What is the ape up to now? Enos, get back in here! Did I tell you that you can go outside? No, I didn't. Now, get back in here!

A.R.T.: What are you doing now, Enos?! Get out of here! You don't know what you're doing. Stop that! [crash] What did I tell you? It's always fun until somebody gets hurt.

Uncle Eli: A little extra help never heard anyone.

Uncle Eli: This is Tutor Mode. Hey! A little practice never heard anyone! All you have to do is read this paragraph, and click on the correct answer to the question at the bottom of the screen.

Jess: Ouch! That was off face! Try, try again!

Zack: No sign of the space station. Let's pick another mission from the EarthQuest map, so we can catch another robot.

Jess: There he is!
Zack: The space station. Let's bring it on home!

Zack: The space station. There it is!
Uncle Eli: Lock on the retractor beam!
Jess: This is where it gets tricky.
A.R.T.: Enos, would you finally remove the piece to me. Remove the piece now, Enos.
Jess: Got them. Send the message!
Zack: Captain, Enos? Captain, Enos, if you read me. Get to the Escape pod now over!
A.R.T.: Enos, don't leave me! It's Eli!
Uncle Eli: Hello, ART!
A.R.T.: Now, what are you going to do with me?
Uncle Eli: Oh, I'll think of something.

Zach: Yes!
A.R.T.: That's right. Go on, roll your little ball. I'll just bite my time until I find the way out of here.
Jess: Lighten up, A.R.T.! It's just a game.
A.R.T.: Enos, after all we've been through together, I thought we were friends.

Zack: Now, I've got you right where I want you, monkey. Checkmate? No way!
Jess: Give it up, Zack.
A.R.T.: Humans.

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