JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Sapphire Falls

2000 video game

JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Sapphire Falls is a computer game created by Knowledge Adventure.


Addy Wise: Now we come, the most be treeding soil yards into Sapphire Mines. The treasure map of Crazy old Jeb Scully. Jeb bragged everyone in Sapphire Falls, that he hit a fabulous treasure in the mine, and that his map was the only way to find it. But the treasure was never found. In fact, the map shows tunnels that don't seem to exist. Yet, the legend of the Sapphire Mine treasure lives on. Hey! Wait! Where are you going? [gasps]

TJ: Come On! Footprints leading into the mine, but there are humans.
Sally: Are you sure those creature footprints
TJ: Sure I'm sure. Come on, Let's get going!

'Sally: There could be gems trapped in this wall.
'TJ: Check out this contraption. I think it's a laser beam.
Sally: Let's try and use it to cut out the gems.
TJ: Use the Arrow Keys to move the Laser, and cut out the Correctly Spelled words.
Sally: Yeah! But be careful to only cut out One Word at a time.
TJ: And don't let the Electricity Ball touch the Laser Beam!
Sally: Right! Let's do it!

TJ: Check out this mine cart! We can use the arrow keys to navigate all around this map. Use the spacebar to bounce us between this wide view, and a close of view of the countries.
Sally: When we are up close, just steer me over to the country that answers the question, and then Hit the Enter Key. I'll do the digging.
TJ: You can use the magnifying glass to get more information about the country.
Sally: And avoid ANY steam clouds, they zap our power!
TJ: And snag that coal when you came. It will increase our power.
Sally: Sounds like a plan. Let's get digging!

TJ: That Polyester creature was kinda careless. We've got a lot of clues now.
Sally: Yep. And I think this is a time we find out what's on the other edge of this Gorge.

TJ: Hey! This must be where that music reheard was being played.
Sally: Yeah, the thief must have opened this door by playing music.
TJ: If that furball can do it, we can do it!
Sally: Click on the keys that match the Musical Notes you'll see.

Sally: Follow that Ore Car, and step on it! Gotta save Gizmo.
TJ: Use the arrow keys to jump from track to track.
Sally: Roll over the "T", if the statement is true. Or the "F" if the statement is false.
TJ: Watch out for the wrong answers!
Sally: And avoid anything else that might slow us down!
TJ: Okay. Let's Go!

Addy Wise: Let's Check and see if you're right. Nope. That's not it! Let's go back and try this again! Do you really think the clue's point to that suspect? I think you should Try Again.
Sally: Hmmm... It wasn't our first choice. Let's try a different suspect this time.

TJ: It's Samuel Brannon, the mayor of Sapphire Falls!
Samuel Brannon: Yeah. It's me alright. If it worked for you meddling kids. This treasure would be funding for my presidental campaign.
Addy Wise: I think your campaigning days are over. You've better come with me.

TJ: It's Gillian, the Geologist!
Gillian: Yeah, It's me. I'm the greatest adventure that ever lived. No one else told truly some magnific hists. And I wouldn't got away with them, too. If it wasn't for you, Kids.
Addy Wise: Looks like the adventure is over. You've better come with me.

Sally: It's Jedidiah Mason, the Miner.
Jedidiah Mason: Yeah, It was me. If my planned worked, I've been the richest miner that ever was. We'll I have been a major miner.
Addy Wise: Well, you've created a major mess. You've better come with me.

TJ: Our trip to Sapphire Mines turned out to be quite an adventure.
Sally: It sure did.
TJ: And you didn't see exciting stuff on this trip.
Sally: Like, yeah, we didn't see mysterious creatures. I told you they don't exist.
TJ: I don't know, Sally. But I think we have a little mystery left in this cave after all.

Addy Wise: Are you ready to Exit this Game?

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