JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

1996 video game

JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain is a computer game created by Knowledge Adventure.

Sign-In Bot: Well! Hello! We've been waiting for you. Please Sign In. We've got a busy day ahead. If your new to this school, please use the keyboard to enter your name. If you're already enrolled, select a name by clicking on it. If you don't see your name, use the arrows to scroll up or down the list. When you're finished, click on the Enter Button. If you see your name on the list and want to continue your game, please click on it. If you do not see your name, or you want to start another game, please enter a name using your keyboard. Please enter, and have a seat. Sit up straight, No slouching at this classroom. Is that gun in your mouth? Sorry! My mistake.

Polly: Oh, Snotley, you're back! I've been looking for you.
Botley: My name is Botley.
Polly: I can see you've brought help, and you've got the TransQuizzer!
Botley: (aside, to the player) She knows we need it to save the world.
Polly: Didn't my father teach you it's rude to tell secrets, Rotley? Well, I suppose he's told you his side of everything, but what does he know? Today when I was at school, the teacher handed us a surprise quiz. I already knew all the answers, and she knew I knew them. So just to have some fun, I made up my own answers to that dumb old quiz. But instead of laughing like she was supposed to, she gave me a big, fat zero! I felt faint and short of breath! No one's ever given me a zero before!
Botley: Well, that's not quite true, Polly. I remember just two weeks ago...
Polly: Be quiet, Plotley, this is my story! Anyway, after getting my first zero ever, I got the most brillant idea! Instead of settling for a bad grade, I changed history to match my answers.
Botley: So you sent 25 of your father's robots back in time to change history?! How could you do that, Polly?!
Polly: Oh, that was the easy part, since Daddy just invented that "Handy Dandy Time Machine" upstairs. Everyone should have one. I just marched those robots into the machine, pushed a few buttons, and voila! Unfortunately, there's still one more question, the extra credit question, and it's super hard! That's why I've been looking for you, Notley.
Botley: That's Botley! And I want nothin' to do with your plan, Polly, just bring those robots back! Don't you see? You could destroy us all!
Polly: (mockingly) You could destroy us all! (normal) P-lease, Spotley, if you're so scared, why don't you just bring them back yourself? You've got my TransQuizzer; now all you need are the questions on my history quiz. To make it so easy even you can figure it out, I'll leave the disc with the first part of the test on the first floor. That's 5 questions total. Just plug that disc into the TransQuizzer, then figuring out where I sent the robots should be simple. But I'm warning you: if I don't get 'em all back soon, I'm sending you off to do the extra-credit question. Oh, and by the way, you have to get in the house first, and I changed the locks. Good luck!
Botley: (to the player) Oh, that's just great... how are we gonna get into the mountain?

Botley: Polly, you know I've been programmed to clean up your messes, and that includes bringing back my robot pals. I know you won't tell me where they are, but how about a little hint?
Polly: Well, it just so happens, Sutley, that I realized long ago that you try to mess up your work. So I covered my tracks by hiding clues all over the mountain. Four clues total. You and your friend will have to find and collect them all. And even if you can find them all, which I highly doubt you can, you will still have to go to daddy's time machine and figure out where I sent the robot, if you expect to beat me. Oh, by the way, you know how daddy feels about amateurs going into the time machine room. It's a very sensitive piece of equipment, you know, so before a hunk of rusty bolts like you can get inside, you'll have to earn a bunch of invention points. A thousand of them should just about do it for starters.
Botley: Well, Polly, okay. It looks like we have no choice to play by your rules as unfair as they are. Just tell us what we need to find for this mission.

Botley: Finding the clues should be a little less hopeless with my powerful sensoring device. Professor Spark cooked me up this way so I could better keep an eye on Polly. I can monitor every nook and cranny of the mountain.

Botley: My sensors indicate that Polly hasn't left any Mission Clues on this floor. I suggest we go check out another floor.
Botley: Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm not getting any clue leadings here. Let's check out another floor!
Botley: Nuts! No Mission Clues here! Let's try another floor.

Botley: Hey, Bothoven!
Bothoven: Huh? Hello? Who's there? Oh, Botley, it's just you. You should have called my name instead of just scuffling around out there.
Botley: Uh, right. Listen, Polly's up to no good again and we're having trouble with this lock. Can you help us?
Bothoven: Huh? Speak up! Don't mumble.
Botley: CAN - YOU - HELP - US?!

Botley: Don't forget! You said you give us some hints once we get inside the biosphere.
Polly: Didn't I say I would? Now get out of here before I change my mind!
Botley: "Moment of truth" time. Click on the "launch" button if you want to launch an Explorer.

Polly: There's a time limit on this question. You have one hundred million years starting...now!

Monty Monitor: Welcome to a special edition of Pollywood Squares! What's so special about it? Well, in addition to sending you back in time to rescue Flip, the high-diving robot, we're also giving away a new car! Just kidding.

Botley: Ran out of time! Click on the microscope to try again.

Polly: I know savage beasts. But I am a savage critic. So if you want some more Invention Points, you'll have to play this piece of music.

Botley: Think of each one of those glowing buttons as representing, a poor lost and scared robot. We can't go back to an old mission when there's so much mistake!

Ms. Winkle: What was the first breakfast cereal made from?
Polly: The first cold cereal, Miss Winkle, was made with ice cream to keep it cold. For flavor, they added cold water salmon. On top of that, they added the pièce de résistance; frozen worms! The worms gave the salmon something to eat. Mmm, mmm, mmm!
Ms. Winkle: That's exactly right, Polly! Oh, I still remember that original breakfast cereal; salmon and frozen worms. Hmm, some things you just never outgrow. I must confess, though, that my very favorite cereal is crunched octopus oats with jellyfish bits. Mmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it!
Botley: GROSS! Look what Polly's cooked up now! If we don't do something fast, kids all over the world will be pouring milk all over bowls filled with cold fish and worms. No one will eat breakfast anymore, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Botley: Uh-oh! I'm picking up vibrations to tell me that Polly has launched another one of the mission clues into space.
Polly: So you and your friend really like the thrill of adventuring to the brink of nothing this.

Polly: Egbert likes to play ping-pong with the eggs laid by this specimen.
Egbert: What? Harm my babies' babies? Perish the thought!

Botley: Don't forget Polly's hint! Which specimen is used to make ping-pong balls?

Botley: Huh? I'm not getting a leading on this floor. Let's check out another floor.
Botley: Nope, nothing here! We need to look on another floor.
Botley: Out of luck! There are no mission clues here! Let's try another floor.

Botley: What a drag! This floor is clueless! Let's go search somewhere else.
Botley: No clues on this floor! Let's go searching to the lower floors.
Botley: Nope, out of luck! We should search for clues on the other floors.

Botley: We've already completed that mission. Select one of the glowing buttons to head out on a new one.

Ms. Winkle: What was the world's first chewing gum made from?
Polly: I'd love it if the whole world popped super glue into their mouths and started to chew. I'd be the only one left at the top. Everyone would have to listen to me.
Ms. Winkle: Oh, yes, Polly, that's exactly right! The world's first chewing gum...was made with super glue.
Botley: Oh, great, that's all the world needs; everyone's mouth glued shut except for Polly's. If it were the other way around, I'd be tempted to leave her be, but, as it is, eardrums around the globe are depending on us.

Botley: Nope. Not there! I guess we'll have to go back to the shrinking machine and try again. Click anywhere.
[Screen fades in after Black, and Botley shrinks back to normal size.]
Botley: Huh! That was sure we've find the clue in that one. Let's go back over Polly's hint.

Ms. Winkle: What was the outside of the world's first sausage made of?
Polly: Daddy's mother put everything she make on her own sausages. They were so undifferences. Daddy's mother they tasted like their old socks. So I guess that sausages were made with... Old Socks!
Ms. Winkle: I'm sorry, Polly. Sausages was being made for centuries before socks was invented. Sausages was being made for the intestines of animals.
Botley: Uh, we've been here done that. Pick a mission we haven't completed.

Maestro: Music has such civilized instruments, although (Polly)'s voice... let's just say it's not music to my ear.
Polly: I heard that, Maestro! You just don't appreciate my instruments. (sings Wagner's "Die Walkure" out of tune)
Maestro: Well, Polly! You do have... quality.

Ms. Winkle: What makes milk safe to drink?
Polly: To make things safe to eat, you often to have heat them. You wash your hands with hot water before eating, right? So, just before milking, the farmer heats the cow gently. That way, the milk that comes out of them is safe to drink.
Ms. Winkle: Polly, you silly billy. Why heat the whole cow when you can simply heat the milk? Louis Pasteur discovered a way to kill germs through pasteurization, and in the process made milk and other foods safe for human consumption.

Polly: So, Rotley, you think you've foiled my plan by rescuing all those robots? Well, my test score may be zero now, but there's still that extra credit question, and Ms. Winkle says that extra credit questions always more than make up for the rest of the test. This extra credit question involves the origins of the universe. Now, we all know she's expecting me to discuss the Big Bang, but I'd rather discuss the Big Bot. Yeah, that's right, I think the universe started with a robot named Botley!
Botley: Me?! But I thought there was... I don't know... mutual respect developing between us!
Polly: Save me the schmaltz, Blotley. Daddy programmed you to obey me. So I order you to march on over to the handy-dandy Time Machine and set those dials to way, way back -- to the beginning of the universe.
Botley: But, Polly, the beginning of the universe would mean the end of me!
(Cut to the Professor's chamber)
Botley: You can't mean that!
Polly: You should never have tried to stop me, Plodley. I mean, I didn't deserve that big fat 'F' on my test. No! I really had no choice but to send those robots back to change history so I could get the 'A' I so richly deserved -- the 'A' Ms. Winkle refused to give me! (At this point, Professor Spark enters the room and glares at Polly) I know my father said I was never ever under any circumstances to play with his time machine. But I know in my heart that if he were here right now, he'd say "Polly, Ms. Winkle robbed you! Now go out there and change the history of the world you brave, brilliant, beautiful little girl!"
Professor Spark: Ahem.
Polly: Uh-oh! (she turns around and smiles nervously at her father)
Botley: Professor Spark! Oh, it's so good to see you!
Professor Spark: Hello, Botley. Hello... Polly.
Polly: So how was the annual Time-Warp Inventor's Convention, Daddy? As fun as usual?
Professor Spark: Yes, it was very informative. Very informative indeed. Funny how you think you know a thing or two about history, and then all of a sudden, it changes on you.
Polly: But, Daddy, I-I-I can explain!
Professor Spark: I'm waiting.
Polly: Um... umm... Botley made me do it! He must have a faulty chip or something. I tried to stop him, but he was out of control! Oh, Daddy, I'm so glad you're home!
Professor Spark: Nice try, Polly, but I think Ms. Winkle might tell a different tale.
Polly: Oh, Daddy, Ms. Winkle just doesn't understand. I thought she did, but she doesn't.
Professor Spark: Fortunately, Polly, she understands enough to let you retake that quiz, right now.
(Ms. Winkle appears on another monitor.)
Ms. Winkle: Hello, Polly. I'm so glad to give you this opportunity. Of course, because you took the test once, I can't give you the same questions. So I've made up another test, just for you. I hope you've been brushing up on your Latin!
Polly: Latin? Latin?! Oh, but Daddy!
(Cut to the Robot Roost)
Botley: Good old Professor Spark. Nothing gets by him.
Polly: You just wait till next time, Snotley!
(Polly's monitor turns off and the screen goes up.)
Botley: Okay. Now that all the Robots are home safe, feel free to stay and explore the mountain all you want. But don't count Polly out just yet. She could still show up at anytime.

Botley: Alright, things are going well. That area way back at me is all the Professor's time travelling robots are stored.

Polly: Let's see, Clotley, if you can figure out which work of art I'm thinking about, I'll give you some Invention Points.

Polly: Can't get enough, huh?

Botley: Okay, Polly, we're ready for another round.
Polly: Nothing left for a prize, but some more Invention Points. Just play this little ditty.

Botley: So, you still wanna go exploring in the Biosphere? Maybe Polly could've make her worth in time.
Polly: Sure, Crotley, just figure out where I hid the Invention Points and they're all yours.

Polly: Can't get enough, can you, Snotley? We'll here's a hint if you're looking for Invention Points.

Botley: I gotta say this is one of my favorite rooms in this place.

Botley: Back at the Robot Obstacle Course.
Polly: And the only thing for you are a few Invention Points down there. Think you can handle that? Okay? Just count to ten and concentrate on programming that robot.

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