Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

2017 film directed by Jake Kasdan

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a 2017 film that is a standalone sequel to the 1995 film, Jumanji and is based on the beloved children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, the film is set 22 years after the events of the first film where the board game has evolved into a video game as four teenagers get sucked into the jungle and become the avatars they chose to play as when the only way out is to complete the game. The film was directed by Jake Kasdan.

Dr. Smolder Bravestone

  • RUN!
  • Smoldering Intensity.
  • Dumbass.
  • Don't push me. [Franklin "Moose" Finbar: Or what, Spencer?] Or I'll push you back.
  • Enough. We can't waste lives. We need each other. Like it or not, We have to do this together.
  • [Franklin "Moose" Finbar: The girl is into you, Spencer.] WHAT?!
  • All I'm saying is I don't have my Claritin, okay? And I'm allergic to almost everything.
  • And I'm pretty sure this is a Bravestone thing.
  • This is a video game, which means we all have special skills.
  • We each have three lives, guys.
  • I'm gonna fix the helicopter.
  • It's a lot easier to be brave when you've got lives to spare. It's a lot harder when you only have one life.
  • See you later, Bravestone.

Spencer Gilpin

  • A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Jumanji.
  • You pick a character and you're that person in the game.
  • Dr. Smolder Bravestone.

Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon

  • Oh, my god, these things are crazy!
  • Later, dude.
  • It's okay, you can handle this. In real life, people love you, You can hook up with anyone you want. [Ruby Roundhouse: Is that what you tell yourself when you're scared?] Can you not judge me for, like, two seconds? I split up with Noah, I turned into a guy, and I cannot find my phone! I am allowed to be upset!
  • Oh, my God, you guys, there is, like, literally a penis attached to my body right now. Martha, come look at my penis! [Ruby Roundhouse: No thanks.]
  • Wow, wow, wow! Oh, this is so much easier!
  • [Ruby Roundhouse: I feel like I'm wearing a bikini at school.] I did that once. They sent me to the office. Noah likes it when I show some skin. It's like the key to our relationship.
  • That is insane.
  • "When you see me, begin the climb."
  • "When you see the elephant, begin the climb."
  • That was so intense, I, like, can't even with this place.
  • Hey, guys, this does not look like a piece of a map.
  • I want Alex to come home, too.
  • Maybe we're all in a coma.
  • NO! I'm an overweight middle aged man.
  • What do you mean, there's nothing there? It's a map, just like he said. It's a map of Jumanji.
  • Oh, so you can't see this, but I can?
  • The fact that I'm not Instagraming this right now is insane.
  • Wait a second, where's my phone?
  • Guys, I think it's a staring contest.
  • Now flirt like our lives depend on it, 'cause they do.
  • Remember, you're the missing piece.
  • Does anyone know how to do CPR?

Bethany Walker

  • That sucks.
  • I'm too pretty.
  • I'll be Shelly Oberon, the curvy genius.
  • Go get that girl, Dr. Bravestone.

Franklin "Moose" Finbar

  • That was a hippo. They're omnivorous. They're fast as a horse over short distances, and they have the bite force of 8100 newtons. HOW DO I KNOW THIS?!
  • BLACK MAMBA!!! That's a black mamba! A quarter milligram of its venom is enough to kill an adult. You'll feel a tingling in your mouth and extremities, followed by a fever, foaming at the mouth, and ataxia, which means loss of muscle control. HOW DO I KNOW THAT?!
  • Yes. Cake is my weakness.
  • I should kick the shit out you, right now. [Dr. Smolder Bravestone: I like to see you try.]
  • Don't let this new body get your butt whooped.
  • Don't call me a dumbass.
  • Oh, no. You got allergies, Spencer? Huh? I DON'T HAVE THE TOP TWO FEET OF MY BODY!
  • Where's the rest of me?
  • I got a backpack on. You don't get in water with a backpack, everybody knows that.
  • It's 'Moose', it's not 'Mouse'. [Nigel Billingsley: No, good, sir. I'm quite sure it's Mouse.]
  • I hate this game.
  • Strength is my weakness.
  • How is strength my weakness?
  • Am I shaking?
  • What's wrong with her?
  • Did she twisted her ankle maybe?
  • Like what she said.
  • No, I ain't drunk, bitch.
  • Excuse me! I'm the one that was a human sacrifice!
  • We always only have one life, man.
  • What’s up? Mouse Finbar. Zoologist. Zoologist and– and backpack guy.

Anthony "Fridge" Johnson

  • [Spencer Gilpin: Franklin "Moose" Finbar.] Hmm. Sounds like a badass.

Ruby Roundhouse

  • Why am I wearing half a shirt and short shorts in the JUNGLE?
  • Do you guys like to dance?
  • Oh, my god, we're in different people's bodies!
  • Guys, how are we gonna get home?
  • Dance fighting? Is that even a thing?
  • Wait, what happens if we use up all our lives?
  • You are the badass.
  • I'm into you too, Spencer.
  • Venom's my weakness.
  • [Dr. Smolder Bravestone: What if we didn't go back? I just– I like being like this with you.] Then let's be like this, every day. Just come home.

Martha Kaply

  • Hey! Person walking!
  • Are you gonna help. Or are you too pretty?
  • Guess I'm Ruby Roundhouse.

Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough

  • [Franklin "Moose" Finbar: Who's this? Who's Alan Parrish?] He's the guy who built this place. [Dr. Smolder Bravestone: Wait, you mean other people have been stuck here, too?] Yeah, I mean, This is Alan Parrish's house, I'm just living in it.
  • Seaplane McDonough reporting for duty. Let's go, people.
  • I'm so stoked you guys are here.
  • Maybe we should take the school bus.
  • You gotta connect the flight control rod to the swashplate under the rotors!
  • Guys, I've been trying to cross this canyon for, like, 20 years. Do you realize how huge this is? [Gets bitten in the neck by mosquito] Mosquito– [Collapses]
  • You know, I just keep thinking about my poor parents– what they must have been through. Why? Because I was sitting in my hideout, too afraid to finish the game?
  • Does "phone" mean something different in the future?

Alex Vreeke

  • Who plays board games anymore?

Russel Van Pelt

  • Hello, doctor. Been a long time. I believe you have something that belong to me.

Nigel Billingsley

  • Welcome to Jumanji, Nigel Billingsley at your service.
  • The goal for you. I'll recite in verse. Return the jewel and lift the curse. If you wish to leave the game, you must save Jumanji and call out its name.


Ruby Roundhouse: But I'm not getting in there?!


  • Nick Jonas as Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough
    • Mason Guccione as Alex Vreeke