Julius Fučík (journalist)

Czech journalist and revolutionary

Julius Fučík (23 February 19038 September 1943) was a Czechoslovak journalist, an active member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická strana Československa, KSČ), and part of the forefront of the anti-Nazi resistance.

Julius Fučík

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  • You who survive these times must not forget. Forget neither the good nor the bad... I want this to be known: that there were no nameless heroes here; that they were people with names, faces, longings and hopes, and that the pain of the very last of them was no less than the pain of the very first... Man's duty does not end with this fight, for to be a man will continue to demand a heroic heart as long as mankind is not quite human.
    • Cited in: John Fraser (1985) "Prayers, parades in Berlin," The Globe and Mail, 8 May 1985; Cited in: Julius Lukasiewicz (1994) Ignorance Explosion: Understanding Industrial Civilization. p. 61.
  • Humans, I have loved you all. Be vigilant!
    • Quoted from Set Persson [1], translated from Swedish: Människor, jag har älskat er alla. Var på er vakt!

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