Julius Erasmus Hilgard

United States engineer (1825-1890)

Julius Erasmus Hilgard (January 7, 1825 – May 9, 1890) was a German-American engineer.


  • The measurement of the angles was made by Mr. J. E. Hilgard, whose zeal and the ability with which he has discharged these duties deserve notice here, as they have received it in the reports of the chief of his party.
    • Biographical Memoirs, Volume 3, p.33, 1895.
  • It affords me unusual gratification to acknowledge the services of Mr. Hilgard, in charge of the computing department, and to commend the zeal, promptitude, and accuracy of every member of that department.
    • Annual Report of the Directory, p.56, 1853.


  • During the illness of my lamented predecessor the administration of the Survey fell upon the shoulders of the assistant in charge, Mr. J. E. Hilgard. The distinguished ability with which this difficult service was discharged was manifest to all. He has extended to me the benefit of this experience liberally and loyally. While I willingly acknowledge myself under deep and lasting obligations to him for the aid thus rendered me, I can also testify that in all respects he has been equally true to my predecessor, the greatness of whose reputation has not been diminished in his keeping.
    • Annual Report of the Directory p.39, 1871.
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