Julius Darmaatmadja

Catholic cardinal

Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja (20 December 1934 –) is an Indonesian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Julius Darmaatmadja (2018)


  • Money and the desperate quest for it, deeply affect every aspect of human life, mostly on a daily basis , and people should be aware of the prevalence of this dangerous trend that has also taken root among Indonesian Catholics. Indonesians, even Catholics, are easily influenced by money, position and social status. And this leads people to believe in values that are not based on our moral or cultural attitudes. This moral decadence is a very serious problem that we must face daily. My question is: Do we still have moral values or not? Are we a civilized people or not? We are becoming ever more selfish and materialistic attitudes are in evidence everywhere. People are every more ready to hurt one another, to have more social standing, or to get ahead in their career.In this perspective, there is an urgent need for a new approach to the whole matter.

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