Julius Hare

British theologian (1795-1855)
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Julius Charles Hare (13 September 1795 – 3 January 1855) was an English theological writer.

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Guesses at Truth (1827) edit

  • If then I am addressing one of that numerous class, who read to be told what to think, let me advise you to meddle with the book no further. You wish to buy a house ready furnished: do not come to look for it in a stonequarry. But if you are building up your opinions for yourself, and only want to be provided with materials, you may meet with many things in these pages to suit you.
  • Man without religion is the creature of circumstances: Religion is above all circumstances, and will lift him up above them.
  • Incentives to virtuous energy are a sort of moon to the moral world. Their borrowed light is but a dimmer substitute for the life-giving rays of religion.

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