Julie Christie

British actress (born 1940)

Julie Christie (born 14 April 1940) is a British actress.

Julie Christie, 1966.


  • To people who've been looked at and considered beautiful, particularly women who relied on it so much... age is quite a challenge. The thing which you've always used, a power, is taken away from you.
    • "Reflecting on ageing when she was approaching fifty" as quoted in Sheila Rowbotham A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain and the United States (1997), Viking, p. 475
  • All women are aware of that moment when suddenly the boys don't look at you. It's a fairly common thing, when suddenly you no longer attract that instant male attention because of the way you look. I never really knew how to enjoy beauty, but it took the form of a subconscious arrogance, expecting things, all muddled up with celebrity.
  • In the 1970s I was amazed to be talked about as a '60s sex symbol. I wasn't that person, as if I were a doll from the past. I had to learn to come to terms with that. It's funny, it's silly, the ridiculousness of having asked so much of celebrity. Then it becomes really interesting and very much part of the excitement of the life you’re living now, knowing you’re approaching the end of it.
    • As quoted in Alan Riding "A Role About Winter for Julie Christie, a Star in Eternal Spring]", The New York Times (18 April 2007)
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