Jules Payot

French educationist

Jules Payot (1859-1939) was a French educationist.

Jules Payot

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The Education of the Will (1920) edit

L'éducation de la volonté, as translated by S. Jelliffe

  • In undertaking the conquest of self it is of the utmost importance to form strong bonds of habit between ideas and conduct.
    • p. 100
  • It is necessary, therefore, if we would weld an idea solidly and indestructibly to a desired action, that we should fuse them together by the heat of an emotion.
    • p. 100
  • If the miser reaches the point of sacrificing his health, his pleasures, and even his very honesty for the love of his money, shall we not succeed in learning to love so noble an aim as intellectual work sufficiently to make us sacrifice our laziness for a few hours every day? ... Should not our young people therefore spend at least five hours a day at their work-table in order to assure for themselves, both now and in the future, the manifold joys of intellectual culture?
    • p. 110
  • The majority of men ... never turn their attention from the outside world to examine themselves. ... They go through life drawn hither and thither by outside happenings, with scarcely any originality, or without any more control of their direction than have the leaves which are whirled about by the autumn wind.
    • pp. 146-147

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