Jude Milhon

American hacker & author

Jude Milhon (March 12, 1939 – July 19, 2003), also known as St. Jude, was an American computer scientist, hacker, free speech activist, and one of the founders of Community Memory, the first public computerized bulletin board system.

Jude's mugshot from her civil rights days.


  • Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality, or the laws of physics.

Interview in Wired (1995)Edit

Interview in Wired in 1995

  • Give us bandwidth or kill us!
  • Girls need modems!
  • I'm a future-hacker; I'm trying to get root access to the future. I want to raid its system of thought.
  • I hate this waaaah-I'm-a-poor-sensitive-weak-woman-protect-me shit. This kind of stuff generates more contempt for women. So fuck niceness!

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