Joy Kwesiga

Ugandan academic

Joy Constance Kwesiga is a Ugandan academic, academic administrator, Gender specialist, and community activist. She is the Vice chancellor of Kabale University, a public institution of higher education in Uganda and accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education in 2005.

Quotes edit

  • The basic thing is that we have given each other space. Being able to support each others interests is important in any relationship. It is also important not to have bottled up feelings in a home.
    • [1] Speaking on what's your secret for such a long marriage.
  • I tell them that being honest is important. I have also taught them to be hard-working because the world is so cruel to lazy people.
    • [2] Speaking on what to teach children about life.
  • Women should remember they are individuals in their own right. They are not appendices of men. You can only improve your life, if you know your value. Society has for too long conditioned women to see themselves as secondary that they can only live in the shadow of men, which is not the case.
    • [3] Speaking on advices to women.

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