Joy Isi Bewaji

Nigerian playwright and entrepreneur

Joy Isi Bewaji (born June 8, 1977) is a Nigerian essayist, screenwriter, playwright, new media entrepreneur, and social affairs activist. Her writings and plays have been centered on cultural inappropriateness and religious anomalies.


  • My first introduction to the existence of haters was in rap music.
    • [1] Joy Isi Bewaji speaks on Criticism.

  • Reason dictates that when you make a mistake, there’s always a bunch of people on the side-line who will get on your case and try as much as they can to put you in check.
    • [2] Joy Isi Bewaji in one of her published works called Constructive criticism.

  • Now the word “hate” has gone beyond just a few neighbours who think little of you. With the help of social media and the revelation of everything under the sun, hate is the new middle name for anybody who breaks a sentence with the word.
    • [3] Joy Isi Bewaji speaks on Hatred.

  • We are a growing generation of zombies, we find it hard to truly express how we feel about anything
    • [4] Joy Isi Bewaji criticises the generation.

  • So how do we improve as a people? How do we strive for excellence when, as a matter of fact, people get celebrated for being wack, uninspiring and unexceptional? How do we deliver?
    • [5] Joy Isi Bewaji speaks on people.

  • The fear of being called a bloody hater hangs like a garrotte around our neck. We don’t want to be choked so we nod and agree: “yes, you are a fantastic actress!” When in reality she is nothing close to being fantastic.
    • [6] Joy Isi Bewaji speaks on hatred.
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