Joshua Tree (1993 film)

1993 film by Vic Armstrong

Joshua Tree is a 1993 film about a race-car driver who is framed for a crime he didn't commit and breaks out of prison in order to expose the real culprit.

Directed by Vic Armstrong. Written by Steven Pressfield.
Violence has no limits. taglines

Sheriff Cepeda

  • You guys are looking hard enough. You seen anything?
  • Hold it! I said stay here! Stay here! Hold your positions! He's just coming back this way!
  • Severance! Severance! This is Cepeda, we're on the mountain behind you, three or four minutes back.
  • Severance, this is Cepeda. We're behind you. Are you still on the road? Severance! What is your position?
  • Severence, if you can hear me, the highway patrol has sealed all the roads off the mountain. Santee's cornered. Can you hear me? Severence, this is Sheriff Cepeda, come in. Severence, Cepeda here.

Deputy Tomay

  • Sheriff, this is Tomay, I just saw the surveillance tapes at the warehouse. Severance killed Agnos, not Santee. Sheriff can you hear me?
  • Severance blew Agnos's head off. point blank, clear as day.

Officer Macher

  • We got a stolen pickup, sir. Bottom of a canyon, Riverside.
  • You wanna come, I got cars outside.

Detective Jordan

  • She gets her calls through a goddamn barbershop. Two weeks ago, she's living in a station wagon.

Officer Hines

  • Here's Santee's visitor sheet from prison.


  • Violence speaks louder than words.
  • Violence has no limits.
  • Willpower. Horsepower. Firepower. At a 160 miles per hour.
  • When it comes to getting even, he's taking revenge into overdrive.
  • Sometimes one man is all it takes.
  • The hunter has become the hunted and there will be no mercy.
  • In the desert there is no law. There is only justice.


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