Joseph Pisani

American artist and photographer

Joseph Pisani (born November 17, 1976) is an American born artist, abstract painter, and photographer.

Every Great Journey Begins with a Dream.


  • "How to do Everything in Just One Lifetime" is a Statement, not a question. I don't understand why people keeping imagining a question mark at the end.
  • While traveling, I’ve found that spontaneity keeps things fresh, while serendipity guides me through it all. There have been a lot of rough moments along the way, but they often bear the best memories.
    • As quoted in "Oh Sweet Serendipity" By Joseph Pisani Inside Switzerland magazine (Winter 2007), p. 94
  • Being born in New York City, tends to lead to big expectations, expectations that I only started to realize after I had left.
    • Television Interview, Aeschbacher April 4, 2008, Swiss Television SF1
  • I’m the type of person that likes to dream big, and I’ve often found that every great journey begins with a dream
    • Radio Interview, Radio Osttirol, March 22, 2008, by Werner Gatterer
  • In 1995, when I was backpacking through Europe solo, I would head to the train station, look up at the big board, and decide right there and then where I would go that day.
    • Television Interview, Aeschbacher April 4, 2008, Swiss Television SF1
  • During my youth, I was fascinated by the colors of Van Goth's paintings
    • As quoted in "Ein Nomade mit satändigem Sitz in Zürich" by Natalie Isenring Tages Anzeiger (January 24, 2008), p. 58
  • My favourite painting is often the one or the collection that I am currently working on. This is probably due to the fact that I don’t yet know where it will take me.
    • As quoted in "The Conceptual Artist" Inside Switzerland magazine Individuals (Summer 2006), p. 23

Quotes about Pisani

  • A Modern Rothko: Color field Paintings by Joseph Pisani
    • Paulina Szczesniak, As Quoted in "Glanzlichter der Woche (Highlights of the Week)", Zueritipp, No. 43, October 26, 2006
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