Joseph Déjacque

French writer

Joseph Déjacque (December 27, 18211864) was an early anarcho-communist poet and writer. Déjacque was the first recorded person to employ the term libertarian for himself in a political sense.

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  • In principle, should the laborers have the produce of their labor? I do not hesitate to say: No! although I know that a multitude of workers will cry out. Look, proletarians, cry out, shout as much as you like, but then listen to me: No, it is not the product of their labors to which the workers have a right. It is the satisfaction of their needs, whatever the nature of those needs. To have the possession of the product of our labor is not to have possession of that which is proper to us, it is to have property in a product made by our hands, and which could be proper to others and not to us. And isn’t all property theft?

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