Joseph Alleine

English Nonconformist pastor and author of religious works

Joseph Alleine (baptised 8 April 1634 – 17 November 1668) was an English Puritan Nonconformist pastor and author of many religious works.

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An Alarm to the Unconverted aka A Sure Guide to Heaven (first published 1671) edit

(First published as An Alarm to the Unconverted) Page numbers refer to the 1960 Banner of Truth edition paperback edition under the title of A Sure Guide To Heaven, ISBN 0851510817
  • "...whatever... you pretend... if any of you be a prayerless person, or a scoffer, or a lover of evil company (Proverbs 13:20), in a word, if you are not a holy, strict, and self-denying Christian, you cannot be saved." (Hebrews 12:14; Matthew 15:14).
    • P. 21.
  • "...with the true convert, holiness is woven into all his powers, principles, and practice."
    • P. 30.
  • "The unsound convert takes Christ by halves. He is all for the salvation of Christ, but is not for sanctification. He is for the privileges, but does not appropriate the person of Christ."
    • P. 45.
  • "Christ does not control his subjects by force, but is King of a willing people. They are, through His grace, freely devoted to His service."
    • P. 48.
  • There is no remedy, but you must either turn or burn.
    • P. 65.
  • While we keep aloof in general statements, there is little fruit to be expected; it is the hand-fight that does execution.
    • P. 68.
  • Two sorts of peace are more to be dreaded than all the troubles in the world — peace with sin, and peace in sin.
    • P. 143.
  • There is no entering into heaven but by the straight passage of the second birth; without holiness you shall never see God (Hebrews 12:14). Therefore give yourselves unto the Lord now. Set yourselves to seek Him now. Set up the Lord Jesus in your hearts, and set Him up in your houses. Kiss the Son (Psalm 2:12) and embrace the tenders of mercy; touch His sceptre and live; for why will ye die? I do not beg for myself, but would have you happy: this is the prize I run for. My soul's desire and prayer for you is, that you may be saved (Romans 10:1).
    • An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners: A Serious Treatise, Joseph Alleine, Kindle location 140.

Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895) edit

Quotes reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895).
  • The Lord Jesus Christ would have the whole world to know, that though He pardons sin, He will not protect it.
    • P. 86.
  • In every sound convert the judgment is brought to approve of the laws and ways of Christ, and subscribe to them as most righteous and reasonable; the desire of the heart is to know the whole mind of Christ; the free and resolved choice of the heart is determined for the ways of Christ, before all the pleasures of sin, and prosperities of the world; it is the daily care of his life to walk with God.
    • P. 163.
  • Converting grace puts God on the throne, and the world at His footstool; Christ in the heart, and the world under Hisfeet.
    • P. 283.
  • A man may as well hew marble without tools, or paint without colors or instruments, or build without materials, as perform any acceptable service without the graces of the Spirit, which are both the materials and instruments in the work.
    • P. 320.
  • If thy hope be any thing worth, it will purify thee from thy sins.
    • P. 327.
  • Woe unto thee if after all thy profession thou shouldst be found under the power of ignorance, lost in formality, drowned in earthly-mindedness, envenomed with malice, exalted in an opinion of thine own righteousness, leavened with hypocrisy and carnal ends in God's service.
    • P. 336.
  • The sound convert takes a whole Christ, and takes Him for all intents and purposes, without exceptions, without limitations, without reserves. He is willing to have Christ, upon His own terms, upon any terms. He is willing to bear the dominion of Christ as well as have deliverance by Christ. He saith with Paul, "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?"
    • P. 436.
  • A man may as certainly miscarry by his seeming righteousness and supposed graces, as by gross sins; and that is, when a man doth trust in these as his righteousness before God, for the satisfying His justice, appeasing His wrath, procuring His favor, and obtaining his own pardon.
    • P. 540.
  • Though sin may be in the Christian, yet it hath no more dominion over him; he hath an unfeigned respect to all God's commandments, making conscience even of little sins and little duties.
    • P. 551.
  • There is no surer evidence of an unconverted state than to have the things of the world uppermost in our aim, love, and estimation.
    • P. 621.

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