José Pereira Coutinho

Member of Legislative Assembly of Macau

José Pereira Coutinho (高天賜; Gāo Tiāncì; born 22 July 1957) is a Macau politician. He is currently the member of Legislative Assembly since 25 September 2005.

José Pereira Coutinho


  • For a long period, many elementary civil servants were given no chance to correct their mistakes, and have either been dismissed or not renewed for employment because they made a small mistake. The punishment is very strict. However, when major officials make mistakes, they are tolerated over and over again. Do high ranking civil servants need training? Do the secretaries need training? Does the Chief Executive (of Macau) need training? If an ordinary resident does not know he cannot park at a place, but still parks there, can he be exempted from the fine if he claims ignorance? No, he cannot be exempted. How can we accept such an irresponsible government?

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