José Félix Estigarribia

President of Paraguay (1888-1940)

Marshal José Félix Estigarribia Insaurralde (February 21, 1888 in Caraguatay – September 7, 1940 in Altos) was a decorated Paraguayan war hero and an elected President of Paraguay for the Liberal party, who following his election, repositioned himself to become dictator. He died in a presumed accidental airplane crash barely a year after his election.

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  • This will be the war of thirst and I will drink to victory.
  • I have the impression that the Government, as always, hoping for peace does not desire to necessary make the sacrifice (the purchase of trucks) and consequently we shall waste the new victory obtained as we have partly wasted the previous one (Campo Via).
  • Our breasts are walls when the clarion with its sound summons us to battle to defend the nation. The proceres bequeathed us this sovereign soil, the Paraguayan flag will not fall from our hands, the Chaco is sacred soil, each soldier swears it and the invader suffers it.


  • The Epic of the Chaco: Marshal Estigarribia’s Memoirs of the Chaco War, 1932-1935 José Félix Estigarribia

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