Jopie Fourie

Scout and dispatch rider

Joseph Johannes "Jopie" Fourie (27 August 1879 - 20 December 1914), usually known as Jopie Fourie, was a scout and dispatch rider during the Boer War. He was executed by firing squad during the Rebellion of 1914 - 1915 against General Louis Botha, the then Prime Minister of South Africa. Jopie Fourie was one of the martyrs produced by the Rebellion and is considered a hero to many Afrikaner nationalists.

Jopie Fourie, South African Afrikaner rebel 1914

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  • Dear friends, by the time that you receive this letter I will already be with our Heavenly Father. I will depart at five o'clock [05:00 AM] on an everlasting journey with the trusted guide and friend Jesus. I have much to thank you for. The tree which has been planted and which is wetted with my blood will grow large and bear delightful fruit. Be faithful to your traditions, be faithful to your people, to your religion and to your God, the Lord will guide you. He will show the way that you are to follow. Write on my tombstone: For God and Fatherland. I am young, life is sweet; but thank God that he has released me from everything, I have nothing that bothers me, no Hate and no Love. God will take care of my loved ones, revenge belongs to God. Trusted friends, be assured that I cherish your sympathy and prayers; I am sorry that cannot greet you by handshake, as God has decided otherwise and He has given me the power to submit to His will. These are my final words that I shall put in writing and my admonition to you; Be loyal unto death to your traditions, to your religion, to your language and to your people. God be with you until we meet again. Joseph Johannes Fourie.

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