Jonny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects

1995 television film

Jonny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects is an animated made-for-television film made by Hanna-Barbera. It premiered at 7:00pm Eastern Time on November 19, 1995 on TNT, and was the final iteration of classic Quest.


Jonny: We failed, haven't we, Chief Atacama?
Chief Atacama: Many do not pass the Orinokon test of manhood the first time.
Jonny: But we overcame every obstacle! We reached the sacred circle!
Chief Atacama: And then you ignored your friend's warning. Do you see the lesson in this? You were headstrong and impulsive, Jonny Quest. Before a child may enter the circle of adults, he must first learn the virtues of patience and caution.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Easier said than done, Chief Atacama. Whatever my son may be, he's never been patient. Or cautious.

4-DAC: Greetings, young Jonny. I apologize if I startled you.
Jonny: You shouldn't sneak up behind people like that, 4-DAC.
Hadji: Yes, you were as quiet as a cobra.
4-DAC: Ah. Perhaps I should shut down and program myself to make footsteps.

425: Uh, I am sorry, sir. I failed.
Dr. Zin: I cannot allow Benton Quest to discover my stealth satellite. Not yet.
425: Don't worry, Dr. Zin. I'll stop Quest! Just wait!
Dr. Zin: Wait for what, 425? More incompetence?

Dr. Zin: Take the prisoners to the station's cargo bay, but not Quest and Belage. I have plans for them.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Something unpleasant, no doubt.
Dr. Zin: Not at all, Dr. Quest. As compensation for your space station, I'd merely like to offer you and the brilliant Dr. Belage a tour of my asteroid fortress.
Dr. Eve Belage: Do we have any choice?
Dr. Zin: Not really.

4-DAC: Though your plans seem sound on the surface, Dr. Zin, your logic is actually quite specious.
Dr. Zin: Specious?
4-DAC: Yes. Quite. Processing and storing large quantities of ethynol in this manner is extremely dangerous. You would be better advised to store it in closed containers.
Dr. Zin: Oh, shut up. [Zin hits 4-DAC, causing him to switch off]
Dr. Benton C. Quest: 4-DAC!
Dr. Zin: You know, Quest, your robot's most endearing feature is his off switch.

Race: A series of high-pressure storm systems blanketing the world! Impossible!
Jessie: Not if something hot was creating a strong convection current in one of the three principle jet streams.
Jonny: Oh, sure, a volcano is doing all this. Or how about a forest fire?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Don't be so quick to criticize, Jonny. Any reasonable theory must be explored, and Jessie's suggestion is quite reasonable.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: [as Zin prepares to shoot down Quest Shuttle 2] Listen to me, Zin, you have no reason to destroy the shuttle! This asteroid is invisible to them!
427: He's right, sir. Our base is cloaked with the finest stealth technology.
426: Quest Team will never find us.
Dr. Zin: True, but how can I pass up a chance to rid myself of Race Bannon and the ever-annoying Quest Team?

Jessie: This is Quest Station's last known location.
Jonny: Could it have blown up?
Jessie: No way! There'd be twelve-thousand tons of debris floating out there! But how can an entire space station just disappear?
Hadji: Yes, not even I am capable of that kind of magic.

Dr. Zin: It is truly ironic that after years of searching for the perfect genetic material, I finally discovered it right "underfoot," you might say. Insects! Common, household insects, which I will use to conquer the Earth!

[Zin prepares to drain the scientists' memories with his computer]
Dr. Zin: I apologize for any discomfort you may be experiencing, Doctors, but I assure you it is necessary to drain all your knowledge into my computer.
Dr. Eve Belage: Zin, no! We won't survive!
Dr. Zin: Can't make an omellette without breaking an egg. Sorry.

Jonny: You mean when we blow those things up, all the bits and pieces will grow back into new ones?
4-DAC: Exactly.
Jessie: Then how would we ever destroy one?
4-DAC: There are two ways. Thermal nuclear explosion...
Hadji: [interrupting nervously] Let us rule that out for now.