Jonas Deichmann

German adventurer, extreme athlete, and author

Jonas Deichmann (born April 15, 1987) is a German author, adventurer and extreme athlete, also called "The German Forrest Gump". He is best known for multiple world records in cycling and triathlon.

Jonas Deichmann in 2020

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  • Just do it. That is, the hardest part is getting to the starting line. With adventures, you never know what's going to happen. But if you just stay in your comfort zone and don't change anything, then it's comfortable, but it's also boring. And that's why you just have to do it, take the first step.
  • The hardest thing is always getting to the starting line and having the courage to do it. Most adventures fail because they are never done.
  • The key is to break down the big goal into small ones. In my mind I don't cycle 18,000 km, I always cycle to the next gas station or restaurant and reward myself with some chocolate.
  • I don’t think about the fact that I have to complete a marathon a day. I run one kilometre at a time. If I can do one, I can do another. That way, it never seems overwhelming.
  • When someone says to me, no one’s done that before, I say: great, then I can be the first.

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