Jon Wynne-Tyson

British writer

Jon Wynne-Tyson (6 July 192426 March 2020) is a British author, publisher, activist and pacifist.


  • So far from vegetarianism springing from the anthropomorphism of predominantly urban dwellers, as has been suggested by its more superficial critics, it and its inevitable successor veganism are increasingly being recognised as a logical, even inescapable, process, essentially relevant, essentially practical, essentially compassionate to all species.
    • "Dietethics: Its Influence on Future Farming Patterns", in Animal Rights: A Symposium, edited by David Paterson & Richard D. Ryder (1979), p. 141
  • This anthology proves that there is nothing new about the realization of the connection between our treatment of non-humans and of each other. Clear minds down the centuries have seen that the violence man shows to man is inextricably linked to the violence we have inflicted upon other species and our shared environment.
    • "Preface", in The Extended Circle: A Commonplace Book of Animal Rights (1989)
  • Until we establish a felt sense of kinship between our own species and those fellow mortals who share with us the sun and shadow of life on this agonized planet, there is no hope for other species, there is no hope for the environment, and there is no hope for ourselves.
    • As quoted in Humanimal (2010) by Vergil Z. Ozeca, p. 172
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