Johnny Test (season 4)

season of television series

The following is a list of quotes for the fourth season Johnny Test.

Johnny's New Baby SistersEdit

[Babies start crying, with stink lines coming from the kitchen]
Gill:: Johnny! The babies--they smell really, really bad, kind of like anal beads!
Johnny:: And that's why you need to change...their diapers!
[Johnny pulls out a clean diaper and gives it to Gill.]
[Gill faints from the smell]
[Babies are on the table, crying, with stink lines coming from their diapers]
Johnny:: (to Dukey) You gotta change them.

Papa JohnnyEdit

Johnny: You wouldn't last a day in my shoes.

Dad: Being stuffed into my own locker by Bumper is still better than toilet plunging.

[A long while after Dad and Johnny swap brains.]
Johnny: I can't take it. Dad wins! I just want my horrible childhood back!
Dad: And I want my awful life back!
Johnny: I'm so sorry, Dad! And, I love you, man.
Dad: I love you too, son. And Bumper's coming here to kick your butt. I mean my butt. I mean HELP!

[When Johnny (in Dad's body) is about to shoot Bumper with a marshmallow shooter loaded with sprouts.]
Johnny: You leave me... ahem... I mean, my son alone!
Bumper: Are those Brussels sprouts?
Johnny: Boiled. No butter, no salt.

Mom: You switched their bodies?!
Susan: No! We switched their brains.

99 Deeds of Johnny TestEdit

Principal: Johnny, here's what I'm thinking...
Johnny: Please, don't give me a detention! My Dad'll send me to military school! That means uniforms! Atomic wedgies!... Awkward pauses!
Principal: I like you, Johnny.
Johnny: So I'm free to go?
Principal: No. But I'm gonna cut you a deal. If you perform 99 good deeds to make up for your 99 bad deeds, I'll forget every one of your detentions and erase them from your permanent record.
Johnny: Couldn't I just write something on the chalkboard a zillion time like 'I promise not to blabeddy, blah, blah, blah.' Huh? (smiles hopefully, but the principal shakes his head.) 99 good deeds it is!
Principal: And no cheating. Remember, I'm the principal. I know everything!

[Johnny tries to help an old lady cross the road. He takes her arm.]
Johnny: Hello, Ma'am. May I assist you?
Old Lady: Oh, I get it. I'm an old lady. Well, I'm also independent, lonely, but independent. BACK OFF!
Johnny: Yeah? You forgot CRAZY!

Principal: Solving a problem that you create is NOT a good deed. Returning the wallet was a good deed, but your dog swiped it. And giving someone their I.B. bag back is nice, but your dog shouldn't have taken it in the first place.
Johnny: Um... how did you know it was my dog?
Principal: I know everything. Plus, I have access to the city's traffic surveillance system.
Johnny: Wow. I look so guilty on camera.

Johnny's New BFFEdit

Mom: You need a best friend, mister!
Johnny: I have a best friend, ok! A best friend who plays catch with me outside, skateboards with me and eats my table scraps. Dukey.
Dad: Dukey, is a great dog, son. But... you need to talk to someone other than yourself.
Johnny: (to Dukey) Say 'hi'. Go on, say it. Say it before they destroy me with friends!
Mom: Johnny, dogs don't talk.
[Johnny gives a gesture for Dukey to speak.]
Dukey: [Standing on his hind legs] I talk. Yeah, I'm like a really great dog. (Laughs, and Mom and Dad faint.)

Dukey: I've been dying to say that if you really want to increase sales you need to establish better relationships with your clients.
Mom: That makes sense.
Dukey: And Dad, your meatloaf is overcooked. Lower the temperature to 415, cook with foil on top for the last ten minutes and it's missing cumin and barbecue sauce.
Dad: He's right. By golly, he's right!

[When Johnny gathers the friends Mom and Dad tried to get him to play with to help him.]
Bumper: Why am I helping you? I should be beating you up!
Johnny: Because I need someone who can scare people. And Bumper, you are amazing at scaring people!
Bumper: You... you think I'm amazing? (tearfully) Nobody's ever said that to me. (Hugging him) I am so there for you, buddy!

Sissy: What do we do now, Test?
Johnny: Well... what do friends do?
Bumper: Er... I think they play Tag.

Johnny's Big Sisters' SmackdownEdit

[After Susan and Mary are too scared to ask Gil out on a date.]
Johnny: You guys are pathetic!
Dukey: No, totally pathetic!
Susan: We know.

Johnny: You know, the only thing missing is my dad telling me that I have to have them back to normal by dinner or I'm in big trouble and- he's standing right behind me, isn't he?
(Dukey nods nervously and Johnny turns around.)
Johnny: I'd like to start this conversation with; I didn't do it.
Dad: I don't know what "it" is, Johnny, but you better have Susan and Mary home and normal by dinner or you're in big trouble, BIG!

King JohnnyEdit

[When explaining to Johnny about the King's Madness.]
Susan: People go looney when they get power.
Mary: It happened to George III, Henry VIII and Napoleon. And he was short and crazy just like you.
Susan: You'll get the power, enjoy it way too much and try and take over Europe. So forget it!
Johnny: Europe? I'm not gonna take over Europe today.

Susan: I knew I was gonna regret this.
Johnny: And now my chess army... LET'S TAKE OVER EUROPE!

Johnny: Way to go, my army! We have captured Spain, and their flan!
Dukey: Freeze, King Johnny! Your reign and this game are over!
Johnny: I say when the game is over and PAWNS ATTACK!

[When Agents Black and White try and storm the Toy Castle Johnny has taken over.]
Black: Attention, crazy person!
White: Come out with your royal hands up or massive force will be... used... on... you...
(They notice Susan, Mary and Dukey.)
Black: Oh, for the love of... is that Johnny in there?
Susan, Mary & Dukey: Yep.
White: Why can't you guys be like normal kids and play board games?
Dukey: That's kind of what we're doing. (Laughs.)

Johnny: You think you can stop me?! The king with your blasters?!
Dukey: Actually we're gonna use the turbo soaker. Check and mate!
[Shoots cold water at Johnny. He splutters and shakes his head.]
Johnny: Who? What? Where? What happened?
Dukey: You went crazy with the King Madness and took over the Toy Castle.
Johnny: Did we have fun?
Susan & Mary: We had a blast!

Johnny Re-AnimatedEdit

[When cartoon characters Dawg and Bone enter the real world.]
Johnny: OW! You hit us with frying pans!
Dawg: Since when does that hurt? [He and Bone hit each other with frying pans and their faces are completely flat. They shake their heads and they return to normal.] That is always funizle!
Dukey: Oh, no. They're from a squash and stretch cartoon!
Johnny: And that means?
Dukey: They can't get hurt in our world, but we can!

[When Dawg and Bone are about to be blown up with dynamite.]
Dawg: This is a new one.

[Johnny and Dukey hit Dawg and Bone with frying pans to which onlookers laugh.]
Woman: Hey, that was kinda funny!
[Dawg and Bone shake their heads to return normal and then pull out large laser guns.]
Woman: Not funny anymore! Run!

[When Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary enter the cartoon world.]
Dukey: And you still don't see anything familiar about this cartoon?
Johnny: Nope. Ok, Dawg. Do it!
Dawg: You got it, Johnny.
[He and Bone hit Johnny and Dukey with frying pans and their faces are completely flat.]
Johnny & Dukey: Awesome!

Johnny X Strikes Back Again!Edit

[When Johnny and Dukey are mutated back into Johnny X and Super Pooch. Dukey opens his mouth furiously.]
Johnny: If you don't have anything nice or encouraging to say, then don't say anything.
[Dukey covers his mouth resignedly.]
Johnny: Good boy. Now, to Pork Belly!

Johnny: What do these mutant dorks look like anyway?
[An explosion blasts away part of Johnny's room, revealing two mutant agent robots.]
General: They look like that. Oh, and the capes were their idea, not mine.

Johnny: Knock, knock?
Super Mutant: Who's there?
Johnny: Super Duper Power Poots!
Super Mutant: Oh, crud!

Johnny: Ok, everyone say "Power Poots!"
Everyone: POWER POOTS!!!

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