John Yau

American poet

John Yau (born June 5, 1950) is an American poet and critic.

John Yau

Quotes edit

  • But you were brushing out your hair
    and singing to yourself.
    And, for a moment, I think I saw
    what those artists saw —
    someone half in love with herself
    and half in love with the world.
    • "January 18, 1979" lines 7-12, Corpse and Mirror, Henry Holt, 1983
  • Why isn't there more meat on this chicken
    It's as if the damned thing began starving itself
    once it knew what the future had in store for it
    Is this what they mean by "organic"
    • "Domestic Bliss" lines 10-13, Borrowed Love Poems, Penguin, 2002

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