John Stossel

American consumer reporter, investigative journalist, author and libertarian columnist

John Frank Stossel (born March 6, 1947) is an American consumer television personality, author, and libertarian pundit, known for his career on both ABC News and Fox Business Channel.

John Stossel in 2007

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  • What private property does is connect effort to reward,
    creating an incentive for people to produce more.
    Then, if there's a free market,
    people will trade their surpluses to each other for the things they lack.
    Mutual exchange for mutual benefit makes the community richer.
  • I started out by viewing the marketplace as a cruel place, where you need intervention by government and lawyers to protect people. But after watching the regulators work, I have come to believe that markets are magical and the best protectors of the consumer. It is my job to explain the beauties of the free market.
  • I'm a little embarrassed about how long it took me to see the folly of most government intervention. It was probably 15 years before I really woke up to the fact that almost everything government attempts to do, it makes worse.
  • The people who run the international tests told us, "the biggest predictor of student success is choice." Nations that "attach the money to the kids" and thereby allow parents to choose between different public and private schools have higher test scores. This should be no surprise; competition makes us better.
  • I love Wikipedia. I donated thousands of dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation.

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